propadrol ep ( natty test booster containing DAA and NMDA

  1. Exclamation propadrol ep ( natty test booster containing DAA and NMDA

    hey guys Im all worried cuz after taking the D aspartic Acid my left nipple got kinda puffy, almost like its holding in some water. I have been told its most likely a mixture of my estrogen rising and my prolactin raising, I was only 5 days in when i noticed the puffiness. I stopped taking everything, im worried about gyno, but since i stopped taking everything will my estrogen levels fall back down to normal?

    plz any help would be awesome. im stressing big time over this


  2. Anyone?!

  3. could be. who knows though, it could just be from the extra water retention you mentioned you were having. If anything, get some Powerfull(L-dopa) or P5P and a good AI for piece of mind.

  4. Come on man you made another thread saying the thing... U got answers there. Stop filling up the board with repetitive threads. Btw, no one gets gyno from taking an amino acid for five days, whatever u think you've noticed is most likely phsychosematic.

  5. sorry daft :[ but what that mean? all in my head?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ThER6KinG View Post
    sorry daft :[ but what that mean? all in my head?
    you could have just psyched yourself out from over reading on the products and such. Happens a lot to people in the bodybuilding/supplement community.

  7. But E-Pharm doesnt make Propadrol EP, it is made by EST. E-Pharm makes TestForce.

  8. that the name of it propadrol ep yes made by est.

  9. Might want to contact an EST rep
    Team Orbit


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