E-Pharm Board Rep WANTED

  1. E-Pharm Board Rep WANTED

    E-Pharm Board Rep WANTED

    E-Pharm started a revolution in sports supplements in the 1990s by introducing the world to prohormone supplements. Throughout the years E-Pharm continued to introduce new successful products and ingredients to the nutraceutical market.

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    E-Pharm is looking for helpful and knowledgeable individuals that can assist in representing E-Pharm products on various online boards.

    Preference will be given to individuals who are:

    • 21 and older
    • Have experience and scientific based knowledge on the ingredients and products carried by the E-Pharm brand
    • Have general knowledge of the various products and ingredients already in the industry
    • Maintain a regular presence on multiple online boards
    • Assist in answering consumers in regards to product related inquiries
    • Eager to learn and help out in being a team player

    If you believe you have the aforementioned capabilities and are willing to be part of a hard working team, then please PM me with your information including:
    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Email:
    • Science Background if any (i.e are you familiar with basic physiological concepts):
    • Previous rep experience:

    Also, please include why you are interested in being a rep for E-Pharm and how you believe you can contribute to the E-Pharm Team.

    Good luck to all !

  2. this is a great opt right here wish i had more science background.good luck to all that apply the winner is one lucky sob e pharm is a great company

  3. Oh nice. To bad E-Pharm didn't have an intern program, lol

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