Activate xtreme\triazole stack is right move for me?

  1. Question Activate xtreme\triazole stack is right move for me?

    Hello guys, this is my first post on the board, i'm a 25 years old mid-level Italian bodybuilder, and I wanted to ask for advice to you to DS board!
    I take care of my training and diet but I'm having a stalled in muscle growth, and I had thought to take activate extreme\ triazole stack!
    Is the right move? this would be the first test booster that I use and I would like general advice to optimize the stack!
    Doses? times? should I use to activate alone for the first 2 weeks and then add the triazole or I can start with both simultaneously? possible sides (joint pain,acne ecc.)?
    Can i stack those products with DS lean xtreme?
    I'm in a high carbo\pro diet (300 gr\230-250 gr die), i follow a very hard training based on high intensity (dorian yates style), i'm high 190 cm (6,4) and weight 90 kg (198 lbs)!
    Other suppl:
    Ds lean xtreme
    omega 3
    destros\glucose (for post-wo)
    Vit C (3 gr die)
    Intra-wo (recoup)
    Ds craze pre-wo

    Sorry for the long post and my poor use of the english language (i'm helped with google translate) and anticipated thanks for those who will help me!

  2. Depends upon how long you want to run the stack, but one option is for 4-8 weeks as displayed here: or 6-12 weeks as displayed here:

    Side effects may be sore joints, but only if you have existing joint issues. And really, this effect is not guaranteed.
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  3. Thank you robboe for quick response!
    Can i ask a few questions?
    -the activate\triazole doses, should be taken on a empty or full stomach?
    -triazole and activate are in conflict with some of the supplements that i mentioned in my first post?

    I write my schedule (with supplements that already use), so you can help me to optimize the intake of these 2 supplements:
    wake up 8:20 am (1cps lean xtreme)
    breakfast 8:45\9:00 am (1 cps multivit, 1 cps omega 3, 1 gr vitamin C)
    mid morning snack 11:20 am
    12:20 (1 cps lean xtreme)
    lunch 13:30 pm (1 cps multivit, 1 cps omega 3, 1 gr vitamin C)
    mid afternoon snack 16:20 pm (not workout day at 17:30 pm)
    pre-wo 19:00 pm (1 scoop of craze, 1cps lean xtreme)
    during wo (2 scoop of recoup\xtand)
    post-wo 21:30 (50-60 gr destros\glucos, 35 gr of whey, 10 gr of L-gluta)
    dinner 23:15 (1 cps multivit, 1 cps omega 3, 1 gr vitamin C) (not workout days at 20:30)
    pre-bed 1:30 am (1 cps lean xtreme)

    How and where do I put triazole and activate to optimize everything?!
    thanks for your kindness and patience, and anticipated thanks!

  4. Everything looks good. You shouldn't have any problems adding in The Triazole and Activate Xtreme. Take the first dose of the 2 with your first Lean Xtreme dose.(2 Activate Xtreme and 2 Triazole) Then add them in again about 8-10 hours after that first dose. (2 Activate Xtremme and 1 Triazole) If you can time it, best to take the Activate on an empty stomach. Around 30 min before you eat should be long enough.

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
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  5. Talking

    Tom, thanks for the priceless advices!
    The stack comes to me tomorrow and I am very excited and anxious to try it!
    So, I will take the first dose at 8:20 am, and the second in a time of between 16 and 18 pm, on an empty stomach, and after 30 minutes I can eat!
    I think I'll start taking them together, rather than taking the activate first and then the triazole 2 weeks later.
    I hope to write a review as soon as possible, and thank you for the kindness and helpfulness shown me!

  6. Fantastic! Please let us know how it goes for you.

    I see that Craze was one of the things listed for your Pre workout. How do you like it so far?

    by the way, if you do start to experience any joint discomfort, you can drop the Lean Xtreme down to 2 caps/day. That should help if you comes across any problems.
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  7. Tom, my workout with craze is the best!
    Energy, focus, pump, attitude,endurance, all improved, and i train hard, very hard...
    And i try many pre-wo, but craze is the best of all!
    Only the taste is not great, but after tasting the gluta peptide nothing can stop me!
    Thanks again for the advice!

  8. If you use about 10 oz of water and a handful of ice, it actually helps with the taste a ton! Making it really cold seems to be the key.
    Craze™ is NOW AVAILABLE!

  9. Thanks for the advice bro! (i'm start talking like a real american dude)


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