Any way to get a sample of Craze before I purchase it?

  1. Any way to get a sample of Craze before I purchase it?

    I read a review and the person didnt get any side effects at all but mentioned some other people complained about a fluttering heart beat and blurred vision, before I jump into a whole bottle I would like to try it to see if I get any of those side effects.

    thank u

  2. x2!!!!

  3. We recently ran out, we're hoping to have more in the near future.
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  4. Cool, let me know.

  5. Just purchase it, it's awesome trust me
    I pick things up... and i put em down...

  6. was about to ask lol been wanting to try it before i grab a tub. i always get used to pwo's after the first few days
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  7. I just bought some. it was the best pre I'd used to date. well so far anyway. the focus and energy were awesome. Closest thing I've felt since the old days of ephdra based products.

  8. Would love to get a sample as well!

  9. I'm interested in samples as well. I have a couple buddies I have been talking Craze up to and want them to try it...however since the wifey now isn't working, i'm not about to give away any from my tub haha


  10. can i have some samples too?


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