Over the past few weeks we've revealed what what you can expect from Craze:

Introducing the Craze Play-by-plays
The Craze Play-by-plays - Part one
The Craze Play-by-plays - Part two
The Craze Play-by-plays - Part three
The Craze Play-by-plays - Part four
The Craze Play-by-plays - Part five
The Craze Play-by-plays - Part six
The Craze Play-by-plays - Part seven
The Craze Play-by-plays - Part eight

We've revealed what Craze is absolutely not:

What Craze is NOT

And of course, we've revealed the Craze formula:

Introducing Craze

Now you know, it's time to find out FOR YOURSELF.

We're offering ten winners the chance to fuel one of their workouts with Craze on Twitter. If you're not on Twitter and have no interest in ever being on Twitter, no biggie. Your chance will come later. But you greatly increase your chances of being selected if you get yourself on Twitter.

So if you aren't already, follow us: Driven Sports (@DrivenSports) on Twitter

Here's what we want: more play-by-plays.

If you're selected all we ask is that you provide a play-by-play of your own. There is no tweet minimum, but we'd appreciate at least five-to-ten tweets about your workout.

The conditions also include that each tweet you make MUST be directed to us (@DrivenSports), and must also feature the #Craze hashtag. All in all very straightforward stuff.

Interested? Then make it known here and then tweet us on Twitter with your username. We'll pick the twenty winners early next week and ship out the samples at the end of next week.

Other requirements:
18+ years old
Canadians welcome to apply, but we'll only select a couple of you as winners