Triazola/AX and cramping

  1. Triazola/AX and cramping

    Ive recently stopped short an Hdrol cycle due to increased anxiety and am now running AX and TZ with torem for pct. However the past three days Ive had some insane cramps. Starting with my low back and now in my inner and outer quads. Its getting to where I gotta be careful when I stretch in bed.

    Im gonna try to grab some taruine today, just gotta look up dosing for it.

    My main question is has anyone had similar problems on this stack? For what its worth Ive never had cramping on any of my cycles while on and I typically dont have major cramps hardly ever.

    Im also curious if it could be because Ive been trying fasted workouts lately.

    Just looking for pointers/advice


  2. Back cramps like the ones you describe are typically due to the PH like Hdrol. There may be some metabolites in your system still causing these effects, but if you've finished the hdrol then they should cease soon. Neither Activate Xtreme nor Triazole would cause them nor have there been any reports.

    Taurine should help though.
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  3. Thanks Robboe. Ive been off the Hdrol for a little over two weeks now and have not had any back pumps. I did however feel my quad wanting to cramp up while I was showing off the little bit of cuts I still have in my legs.
    Ive been taking no more than 1000mg of taurine since my first post and I have not had nearly any cramping problems

    On a side note, would I benefit at all from taking 2 TZ in the am preworkout and the third and final dose later in the evening between 9 and midnight?? Just curious since Ive been having a terrible time remembering to take the TZ while Im at work.

    Also, other than the past two days, I have not really woken up in the morning with any morning wood. This is beginning to concern me. Especially since Im getting married in January. I dont wanna let my lady down, ya know??

  4. Sure.

    Are you able to get an erection at other times of the day or when needed?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe View Post

    Are you able to get an erection at other times of the day or when needed?
    Yeah. But Im quick to finish by myself and am waiting till I get married Jan 14th for anything else. Ive had problems finishing in the past and I definitely dont want my wife to be to think its her whos not getting the job done cause thats far from the truth.

    On another note, I actually just got some DTH yesterday and started that yesterday morning and have had very good workouts the past two days. Im wondering, would I benefit at all from running TZ along the diesel test???

    I went the route of the DTH cause after my first ever Hdrol cycle I ran DTH, Inhibit-E and Lean FX and leaned out dramatically and kept the fat off for about 6 months. Im kinda hoping to get the same results with the DTH this time. I have a bottle of Inhibit-E lying around too if that might work better.

    Im also continuing to take LX for multiple reasons including that I NEED to drop some serious BF before the honeymoon. Ive really let myself go lately
    Other than that I think I might wait until after the wedding to see for sure if I truly have any reason to worry about low T. However, any advice in the meantime would be useful

    Thanks Robboe you are always good about replying to questions on your forum. And for that I commend and rep you.

  6. I am getting the picture of a vicious cycle of stress that may be causing your problem. The Lean Xtreme can help with this, but only so much and mostly with regards to body comp rather than sexual function. If you're now dieting down in addition to this that can also play a role.

    Try and de-stress somewhat and it should help.
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