As everyone may have seen, Driven Sports has been nominated for Breakout Brand of The Year at the Supplement Awards for 2011. Additionally, Lean Xtreme is up for Fat Loss Supplement of the year. To say that we are psyched about this would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!

For everyone that has voted for us so far we thank you deeply; your support is appreciated more than we can express. Hopefully you took full advantage of the 10% off offers simply by voting – or at least you plan to!

We would hope that you ask your family and friends to also vote for us, even if they do not purchase through or even purchase supplements at all. This is because we plan to donate $1,000 to Hire Heroes USA if we win the Breakout Brand award. If we also win Fat Loss Supplement of the year with Lean Xtreme we will extend our donation to $3,000.

While these may seem like minor gestures we are actively working towards setting up charitable donations for war veterans ( and poorly treated animals ( and – two causes very close to our hearts – and we believe that winning these awards would greatly help accelerate our actions.

The voting takes merely minutes of your time and the poll closes on August 15th, so please show your support if you can. The link for voting is here.

Thanks all!