HELP with Epitest cycle with AX, LX, and TZ

  1. HELP with Epitest cycle with AX, LX, and TZ

    A little background, I am 6'5" and am currently about 315 lbs., 24, post college, and looking to cut fat and gain lean muscle, not bulk much. Diet is clean, and I workout 4 days a week, with possible 1-2 days of strictly cardio.

    I spoke with Powerlab and I am looking at doing an 8 week cycle of Epitest at 3 pills a day (may possibly taper at beginning and end, maybe someone can fill me in on this?). I also plan on running AX and TZ for post. I am not totally sure what my dosing should look like for this since it seems that no one ever is close to my stats on here, as I am not a "normal" size. I would also like to run LX somewhere in the cycle.

    I would like to get some suggestions as to how to run my PCT with AX and TZ, and whether I should use LX during or after my Epitest, along with the LX dosages.

    This is not my first run, as I have done Spawn before, using only Novedex XT with no real issue. The one side I did have was a lack of sex drive, which I personally think was from the Novedex XT killing my estrogen when it did not need to after the Spawn. I kept to the standard dosing of both products, gained great strength, but not much of anything else after that.

    Hopefully a rep or someone with some good knowledge or experience with all of the above could fill me in....

  2. Got your PM, bro.
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  3. Thanks for the help Robboe, your reputation is spot on....

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