12 Week TAL Mega Stack for PCT???

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  1. And now your Weekend Update with Colin Quinn...

    Anyways...my weekend update is pretty simple tonight.
    Just got home from a fun mothers day with my woman and my family. I am surprisingly awake after waking up at 7am, but I slept till 5pm yesterday so I guess this is to be expected.

    Upon showering today after a super quick 25mins of light cardio this morning I think I may have noticed a little more definition in the 6pack than last week. IDK if it was that I just finished some cardio or that I hadnt eaten hardly any sugar for 3 days but Im pretty sure I liked what I saw.

    My diets been better since Thursday...well until today when I had 1 small piece of cake and 2 handfuls of bite size reese cups(I cannot resist those things ) But other than that Ive been doing much better than earlier in the week.

    As far as workouts are concerned, Friday actually went very well at the gym. I hit some bis and tris and has a visible pump after only 4 sets of tris. Needless to say that helped keep my moral high the entire day.

    Im excited for tomorrow since Im going to be starting my first HST routine, which appears to have a considerable amount of backing behind it. So I am itching to see what the next 3-3 1/2 weeks will bring in the weight room, much less the following 6-12 weeks

    I will do my best to start updating more frequently if my workouts and mood continue to stay well and/or improve.

    Thanks again to anyone who may be following along on my wanna be interesting thread. I wish I would have logged this cycle but Im kinda glad I didnt since it hasnt been much to write home about. But I said Id keep you guys posted and thats what I'll do

  2. Have never tried a full HST program, but i think a modified version would be great. I don't really enjoy training in the 15-rep range so would want rid of the first two weeks.
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