12 Week TAL Mega Stack for PCT???

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by TheBreeze View Post
    Started prelaoding HB and MT today
    While I cannot gaurantee anything, I will surely have a thread some place on here where I'll give at least periodic updates.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe View Post
    Thanks for the enthusiasm Robboe. I actually couldnt stand waiting any longer to start so I popped the first dose of Estane today around 9:30am. I figured 10 days of preloading should suffice IMO.

    IDK which part of this cycle Im more excited about... the ON cycle part or PCT

  3. Or the part at the very end when you're looking mighty DIIIIIIIIIESELLLLLLLLLL!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe View Post
    Or the part at the very end when you're looking mighty DIIIIIIIIIESELLLLLLLLLL!
    ^^^ That's the plan. However, with 7 days of Epi under my belt I am still waiting for that "ON" feeling to kick in a little.

    My workouts have not been any better than theyve been since coming back from surgery. I have noticed Ive been sweating a lot more since the epi started, and Ive also been pretty tired after my workouts.

    Im trying to use the epi to help eliminate some of the extra BF Ive gained since my surgery so Im trying to keep my carbs somewhere around 200g/day or less. Only problem Ive had so far is I still have the insane cravings for sweets constantly. Plus my girlfriend is the most amazing baker in the world so I always gotta try at least a piece of what she bakes every few days. Today was 2.5 brownies

    Ive yet to notice any major changes in body composition but its still only been 7 days. From what Ive read, Epi takes about 10-14 days to really kick in.

    As for my mood.....I thought all was going extremely well until I attempted to make dinner tonight. Ive been staying relatively calm for the past few days until I screwed up my ground meat for my spaghetti with the wrong spices Upon getting another package of meat and finally eating dinner Im fine... well... other than being completely embarrassed and ashamed of myself for acting like a maniac

    I am curious though as to if it would be of any benefit to add some P-slin pre workout and a few anabolic pump caps here and there throughout the day to allow for a little more carbs to help with the lethargy. Ive also just today picked up a bottle of Tyrosine to hopefully help keep me awake between the time I finish breakfast and get ready to leave for the gym as Ive been having a terrible time doing so.

    So long story short, its still too early to tell exactly how this cycles progressing. I havent noticed any definitive side effects up till now but am keeping a eye on my aggression levels. My appetite is no different then it was before epi but am trying (but apparently not hard enough) to keep my diet as clean as I can, which I must add has never been a great skill of mine.

    I am still very excited to see what my body will start to look like over the next 4-5 weeks and am just as excited to see if/when my strength start to return to normal.

    Sorry for not updating sooner or more elaborately but I honestly havent been on the computer much lately. But thanks to anyone who offers any pointer and/or follows along.

  5. And now your Weekend Update with Colin Quinn...

    Anyways...my weekend update is pretty simple tonight.
    Just got home from a fun mothers day with my woman and my family. I am surprisingly awake after waking up at 7am, but I slept till 5pm yesterday so I guess this is to be expected.

    Upon showering today after a super quick 25mins of light cardio this morning I think I may have noticed a little more definition in the 6pack than last week. IDK if it was that I just finished some cardio or that I hadnt eaten hardly any sugar for 3 days but Im pretty sure I liked what I saw.

    My diets been better since Thursday...well until today when I had 1 small piece of cake and 2 handfuls of bite size reese cups(I cannot resist those things ) But other than that Ive been doing much better than earlier in the week.

    As far as workouts are concerned, Friday actually went very well at the gym. I hit some bis and tris and has a visible pump after only 4 sets of tris. Needless to say that helped keep my moral high the entire day.

    Im excited for tomorrow since Im going to be starting my first HST routine, which appears to have a considerable amount of backing behind it. So I am itching to see what the next 3-3 1/2 weeks will bring in the weight room, much less the following 6-12 weeks

    I will do my best to start updating more frequently if my workouts and mood continue to stay well and/or improve.

    Thanks again to anyone who may be following along on my wanna be interesting thread. I wish I would have logged this cycle but Im kinda glad I didnt since it hasnt been much to write home about. But I said Id keep you guys posted and thats what I'll do

  6. Have never tried a full HST program, but i think a modified version would be great. I don't really enjoy training in the 15-rep range so would want rid of the first two weeks.
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