Alpha T2/Lean Xtreme/Aniracetam/Choline Stack

  1. Alpha T2/Lean Xtreme/ALCAR/Aniracetam/Choline Stack

    I ordered this entire stack. I tried my best to research this but I also would like some input on this stack.

    I want to make sure I don't get too much "calmness" with this stack as I've read Aniracetam has some of this effect, like I don't want to be chilled out when the house is burning down.

    Dopamine: With these products, how much do I need to worry about dopamine balance? i don't want to end up being dependent.

    I've read you don't need to sleep as much with nootropics, but is that just an illusion and you will be really tired once you're off it?

    Should I take all of these at the same time or have an interval of some xx time?

    Would it be overdose if I took another product with caffeine or bitter orange extract? My body tens to burn out more quickly on Caffeine vs. other stims.

    What's a recommended cycle? I'm just going to follow the label and go no more than 4-8 weeks at one time. I want to be as careful as possible.


  2. With anireacetam when people say it calms them, they don't mean it relaxes them into a state of near-lethargy. They generally mean that it calms their anxiety and helps them speak/converse with others in a more relaxed way. If you are not someone that suffers any anxiety then chances are you will not notice this effect. You likely WILL, however, notice an improvement in cognition though. It is good for that.

    Like you said, stick to the recommended doses on the labels.
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  3. Caffeine tends to cause me anxiety and ocd, so would Aniracetam counteract the effect? I got this stack to get off of caffeine actually.

    Thanks for the help

  4. Really couldn't say, it is ultimately going to depends on your brain chemistry.
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