Folks, if you don't know what Activate Xtreme is, educate yourself here: NEW & IMPROVED Activate Xtreme!!

This thread is for some reviews for the product i come across hereon

To start, Southpaw just completed a fantastic log found here: Southpaw gets Xtreme(* New Activate Xtreme Log)

This is his final summary:

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Here is my review and overall thoughts on the product:

AX really began to show its true colors around my third week of use. I noticed that I felt much stronger than usual, and was proven right as tonight I set PR's on all exercises in my routine, even with a crappy week behind me and piss poor diet. I was strong throughout. I've put on an additional 3-4lbs of muscle mass in about a month's time. This is a very effective natty booster and coupled with Triazole, this stack is a pure grand slam.

Body Composition: 9/10

My diet was inconsistent, yet I still managed to put on additional mass with little fat gain.

Strength: 10/10

As I stated above strength shot way up around the third week. I can only imagine how well I would have performed in my routine, if not for the improvisational workouts I was forced to work in - due to bad weather.

Aggression: 9/10

The majority of the time I was on AX I felt irritable, but only in the gym. I wanted to attack each routine with everything I had, almost like gearing up for a boxing match. I was that keyed in. I felt that AX vastly improved my outlook with respect to my routine, which was starting to get more difficult and would normally leave me feeling less motivated. With AX motivation/aggression was always present.

Summary: AX is the only natty booster that I've ever used, having previously used Triazole. I can say with 100% confidence that this stack would be perfect for anyone at any level, and you will see results that are measurable. I'd like to thank DS and everyone over there including Robboe and Matt for the opportunity to try AX. Everything these guys put it out is pure quality, and you don't have to worry about what's in it, or lack thereof. Awesome products by a great company. Thanks again!
If you spot anymore that i've missed please link me, or if you put up your own, please do so!