Triazole, AX, LX Dosing question

  1. Triazole, AX, LX Dosing question

    Just ordered triazole, activate xtreme and lean xtreme and wanted to make sure I have my dosing right. I'm going to run all 3 together for four weeks. I've only taken lean xtreme and I took 2 per day. My plan is to take 2 triazole, 1 LX, 1 AX 20 minutes before breakfest then 1 LX, 1 AX four hours later, then 3rd dose four hours later. I will take the second dose of triazole with my pre workout meal. Does that sound about right?

    Sorry if this has been asked before... Its my first post here and I didnt find anything when I ran a search. BTW I plan on logging this stack.

  2. Take all 3 about 30-60min before food. On an empty stomach is best.(2 Triazole, 2 Activate X, 1 LX)

    Take another LX 4 hours later.

    Take the last doses of everything in the evening. (1 LX, 1 Triazole, 2 Activate Xtreme)

    Depending when you workout, you could dose the last Lean Xtreme and Activate Xtreme Pre wo. (If you workout in the evening.)

    Let us know if you have anymore questions. Thanks for your support and if you don't mind, link the Log in here. I'm always interested in seeing the feedback from our products!

  3. Alright cool. Thanks for the help. I'm also going to run Slin Sane with this stack. I will be starting the first week of January. I'll post a link when I run the stack!

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