NEW & IMPROVED Activate Xtreme™!!

  1. Thumbs up NEW & IMPROVED Activate Xtreme™!!

    Activate Xtreme™ - Absolute Testosterone Enhancement

    Testosterone builds men and Activate Xtreme™ truly represents the pinnacle of testosterone enhancement in the sports nutrition industry. Not only does Activate Xtreme™ rapidly increase free testosterone, it also provides adaptogenic support, estrogenic control, and improved sex drive. Using a precise formula targeting multiple pathways, Activate Xtreme™ pushes you to new levels by:

    - Optimizing TOTAL testosterone: Activate Xtreme™ has been thoroughly researched for over a year in order to create the most well rounded product available!

    - Increasing FREE testosterone: Divanil™ is the only scientifically proven extract for binding SHBG and boosting free testosterone!

    - Increasing SIZE and STRENGTH: More testosterone, more strength, better performance!

    Do you want to bust through plateaus, set new personal records and maximize your muscle mass?

    Of course you do. And for years supplement companies have been churning out nonsense products promising these benefits through supposed “testosterone boosters.” Based on minimal evidence and loose theories these products were mostly garbage and more money was spent on fancy bottles and advertising than on research and development!

    Using compounds with NO SCIENTIFIC BACKING just doesn’t cut it.

    Activate Xtreme™ stands apart from its competitors that have ceaselessly attempted to copy the design, but have never quite matched it let alone bested it. The researchers at DS spent many months researching and developing the formula that would go on to become the INDUSTRY STANDARD for testosterone enhancement.

    The SCIENCE behind Activate Xtreme™ REVEALED

    Activate Xtreme™ is designed around Divanil™, a compound tried, tested and scientifically proven to enhance free testosterone by binding to sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG is the core controller of your FREE TESTOSTERONE. When SHBG binds testosterone it can no longer promote muscle mass. In other words, SHBG TURNS TESTOSTERONE OFF!

    Divanil™ prevents this effect from occurring, ensuring that YOUR testosterone stays SWITCHED ON.

    But Activate Xtreme™ does not only cater for free testosterone.

    Mucuna pruriens is an adaptogenic herb predominantly found in hot climates like India and Africa. In the body, mucuna pruriens increases levels of LH (Luteinizing hormone) leading to significant increases in testosterone production and release.

    Mucuna pruriens has also been shown to significantly elevate levels of growth hormone (GH) in the body by over 1250%! GH is involved heavily in sex hormone synthesis, in particular by regulating something called Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (stAR). Why is this important? Because this is the rate-limiting step in testosterone synthesis. So not only does mucuna pruriens boost testosterone via LH stimulation, it enhances the machinery required to synthesize it through GH augmentation. But that’s not all!

    In men prolactin is released after orgasm, resulting in loss of erection and a short-term reduction of sexual appetite. This is called the refractory period and can last anywhere from seconds in young men, to thirty or more minutes in older men. Known for centuries as an aphrodisiac and sexual tonic due to its effect of reducing prolactin, mucuna pruriens can also enhance your sexual experience!

    The main constituent in mucuna pruriens responsible for these effects is L-Dopa. L-Dopa is a direct precursor for dopamine, which regulates the sex hormones control center in the brain. It has been shown that other alkaloids found in mucuna pruriens make the L-Dopa content more orally bioavailable to the body than taking the synthetic version of L-Dopa alone. This is why Activate Xtreme™ contains both a high-potency 95% extract of L-Dopa along with a lower 20% mucuna pruriens extract!

    More size, more strength, better sex – how do you top that?

    Activate Xtreme™ also contains Bryonia laciniosa seeds – something never before seen in the supplement industry! Bryonia laciniosa is an herb found predominantly in India that is popular in Ayurvedic medicine. Used for treating inflammation, the seeds are also reported to have sexual tonic effects. This has been proven in mammals with an INCREASE in LH, resulting in an increase in testosterone of 1400%! In addition, bryonia laciniosa seeds also increased the fructose content of seminal vesicles by almost 50%. Seminal vesicle fructose content is regulated by androgens and is thus directly correlated with testosterone levels. This explains why bryonia laciniosa has been popular throughout history as for sexual invigoration.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Activate Xtreme™ does not stop at significant increases in total and free testosterone - estrogen must also be considered. While estrogen has several benefits for muscle growth, a balance needs to be found. This balance is provided by pZole™, the REVOLUTIONARY natural aromatase inhibitor (AI) we introduced to the industry with Triazole™!

    Aromatase is the enzyme that converts androgens like testosterone into estrogens. This is the main way that males generate estrogen. Interrupting this process via aromatase inhibition leads to lower estrogen creation and higher testosterone output. If you are looking for complete estrogen control then Triazole™ should be your product of choice, however pZole™ is included in Activate Xtreme™ to provide estrogen support for this excellent natural testosterone enhancer.

    Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) for total body recomposition

    Cholecalciferol is also known as vitamin D3, a hormone precursor for the active form of D3 in the body, called calcitriol. While some D3 can be obtained from dietary intake, the majority of D3 is derived from the sun. Unfortunately, most people do not get enough D3 because they do not eat a balanced diet, nor do they get outside as much as they should. Combine this with the darker winter months that most people endure, D3 deficiency has been identified as a legitimate concern. This is because D3 plays a huge role in many biological processes. You know how you just feel better during summer and your mood is improved overall? That’s thanks to D3.

    As D3 is also connected with improving insulin sensitivity, supporting healthy blood pressure, promoting healthy bone metabolism, and enhancing the immune response there are many excellent reasons to include D3 in Activate Xtreme™. That said, there are several fitness specific benefits to be derived from it as well.

    D3 exerts a POSITIVE effect on androgens and estrogens

    D3 levels have been definitively correlated with androgen levels in men. Recent research has shown that men with higher D3 levels have MORE circulating testosterone and LESS SHBG. With people receiving less sunshine during winter months, especially considering that these are typically “bulking season”, this is NOT a situation you want for your internal environment.

    D3 reduces aromatase via two distinct pathways - first by suppressing how much of it is produced by the body, and secondly by suppressing a pro-inflammatory pathway which reduces levels of prostaglandins including prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) - a major stimulator of aromatase generation.

    D3 and IGF-1 for IMPROVED muscular fortification

    D3 also has more direct effects on muscle growth via correlation with IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) levels. So called because of its structural similarity to insulin, IGF-1 is the means by which GH mediates its anabolic effects in the body. A deficiency in D3 has been found to be directly linked to low levels of IGF-1. There also exists a more direct way in which D3 effects muscle cells, through something called the Vitamin D Receptor (VDR). Calcitriol binds to this receptor, activating second messenger systems that are crucial for muscle repair and development, so much so that mice bred without the VDR have serious growth issues, muscle impairment and poor physical performance. Additionally, studies looking into D3 deficiency in HUMANS have found cases of myopathy (muscle weakness) and balance impairment may be reversed via daily supplemental D3, leading to an increase in performance and endurance.

    D3 means LESS FAT

    D3 also plays a role in total body composition and has a direct correlation with body fat levels. By increasing calcium uptake in cells, calcitriol has been associated with a reduction of fat cell content. While the mechanisms are multiple, a significant effect of this calcium influx is through the enzyme (11beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase-1) that converts the inactive cortisone to active Cortisol. In fat cells, 11b-HSD1 INCREASES fat cell content. By regulating this enzyme, the increased calcium uptake contributes to the preferential loss of fat in the cells that predominantly express 11b-HSD1 such as abdominal fat. This is also one of the reasons that makes Lean Xtreme™ such a fantastic fat loss tool!

    In fact, the effect of adequate D3 intake is so pronounced that in humans it MAKES DIETING EASIER, with subjects responding better to lower calorie intakes during dieting, leading to more fat loss than those without sufficient D3! So whether you’re aiming for a lean bulk, or dieting down, Activate Xtreme™ is the PERFECT choice.

    But what about performance?

    Glad you asked. In addition to the adaptogenic effects of mucuna pruriens, Activate Xtreme™ contains Lepidium meyenii, which is better known as maca. Also considered an adaptogen, maca is believed to help strengthen the immune system, exert a neuroprotective effect, and also fortify your libido. In both humans and mammals, maca has been shown to improve sperm quality, sexual desire and mating performance. Some more recent research has shown that maca’s adaptogenic effects extend further than sexual health, IMPROVING EXERCISE PARAMETERS during activity. This makes maca great for both performance in the gym and performance between the sheets!

    And just like the extract we include in Triazole™, Activate Xtreme™ utilizes a 20:1 extract of maca. This is a HIGHLY concentrated form of maca that we’re confident even the most experienced users of maca will not have used before. The superior refinement of the 20:1 extract makes it the highest quality material available.

    PROVEN results…

    So just how effective is Activate Xtreme™? We have several blood work studies conducted by independent labs to show exactly how great Activate Xtreme™ is. On average, tester’s TOTAL testosterone increased by 105%, and their FREE testosterone jumped 136%!! Estrogen was controlled perfectly, with no increases and an average decline of 8.1%. Not only does this make Activate Xtreme™ the best testosterone enhancer available, but also shows how it will stack PERFECTLY with Triazole™.
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    Craze™ is NOW AVAILABLE!

  2. As for availability, if this is not already available in your preferred e-tailer of choice, it should be within a week or two. You can always email them and ask as that can sometimes help speed up the process.
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    Craze™ is NOW AVAILABLE!

  3. I really like the looks of this guys-this had def raised the bar. The macuna blend and bryonia extract have me very intrigued. I also like the addition of Pzole-so if you want to run this solo you still have a great AI. Will likely do a few combos of this and the rest of the line this winter

  4. I want some now

  5. Matt definitely knows how to take a great product and make it surpass expectation!
    Writer • Athlete • Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Chee Scott View Post
    Matt definitely knows how to take a great product and make it surpass expectation!
    Thanks Rosie!
    The Driven Blog
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    Craze™ is NOW AVAILABLE!

  7. wait so will it be overkill to stack with triazole since it has pzole?

    im comming of a pct clomid nolva and prami. into triazole and the NEW activate.

    also im happy this new one lowers prolactin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
    ~ IRON LIVER™________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    wait so will it be overkill to stack with triazole since it has pzole?

    im comming of a pct clomid nolva and prami. into triazole and the NEW activate.

    also im happy this new one lowers prolactin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

    Not overkill. There is a much smaller dose in NEW Actx.

    The 2 are formulated to stack perfectly.
    Craze™ is NOW AVAILABLE!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    wait so will it be overkill to stack with triazole since it has pzole?

    im comming of a pct clomid nolva and prami. into triazole and the NEW activate.

    also im happy this new one lowers prolactin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
    Nope, certainly not overkill. All Driven Sports products are designed so that they can be stacked together - and effective stacks they make!
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