Lean Xtreme + CLA?

  1. Lean Xtreme + CLA?

    This is my first post. I just found this site recently, and I have to say it's really impressive how helpful and knowledgeable everyone is.

    I'm pretty fit, but back in April I was in an accident and had a severe concussion. The recovery took a long time and I couldn't exercise at all for a couple of months; I'm just starting to get back in the swing of things. I wanted to get a couple of supplements going to help get back in shape, but due to the head injury, I'm really wary of stim-based products. Enter -- Lean Xtreme.

    I've heard nothing but raves, so I'm hoping this will be a nice fit for me. I've also heard good things about CLA for encouraging lean muscle development as you slim. Any reason these won't work together (or would somehow offset / nullify)?

    The only other things I take are fish oil (which is saw in another thread is ok with LX), a multi-vitamin, and whey protein after workouts.

    Also, is the dosage recommendation on the LX label the standard, or have others experimented with taking more / on a different schedule?

    Any info would be great.



  2. Great choice.

    The lean Xtreme schedule is specific for a reason as this is when cortisol is typically pulsated to its highest levels. The bottle says 2-4 caps/day, but we have found that almost no one needs to go as high as 4 caps/day so stick to the 3 caps at the alloted times:

    1 upon waking
    1 4hrs later
    1 approx 12hrs after the first dose or before bed

    As for CLA, its effects are marginal at best and i'm not convinced it is worth the cost. That said, they will stack together without any problems.
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  3. As Robboe said, the stack is fine.

    With CLA, I only noticed much when I dosed it pretty high (8-10) grams a day. Not really in my price range at that point though.

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