You may have seen in other threads on this or other forums, myself or someone else from DS referring to ERT or Extended Release Technology™. Just so we don't confuse anyone I'd like to give a little incite into what ERT and its brother, Multiple Pathway Technology™, actually are and how they make products by Driven Sports better than any other.

Extended Release Technology™ is a revolutionary new concept introduced by DS to improve the effectiveness of all of our products. While other companies claim “time release” abilities with their products by simply putting an extra capsule inside another, Extended Release Technology™ is the real deal. Extended Release Technology™ makes each and every DS product more dynamic by allowing an instant blast accompanied by a slow and steady release of its ingredients. This powerful one-two punch allows us to give you a smoother, stronger product that lasts all day long.

Multiple Pathway Technology™ delivers an assault on your bodies complex defence mechanisms which are always fighting to prevent you from achieving your goals. The research team at DS has investigated biochemistry and physiology extensively, in order to calculate the reasons behind the real-world problems that fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and athletes all encounter when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every single DS product analyzes and addresses exactly what is obstructing your path towards a better body and a better you. Each compound has been carefully researched and evaluated for safety and effectiveness and its ability to work in synergy with all other included ingredients. This extra effort has given us an edge in creating innovative solutions that produce amazing results.

ALL DS products are designed with Multiple Pathway Technology™ in mind, and each and every one takes advantage of Extended Release Technology™.

This is why we are the best.