Brand new review, folks! Activate Xtreme proves itself time and time again...

"Well, tomorrow is the last day of my first Activate Xtreme run. I feel like I've got more than enough info to write up a solid review on that's what I'll do. When I review a product like this, I assess a product based on the claims it makes.

Muscle Density: 10/10 - DS claims you'll have "rock hard muscles" by using ActX. I'm here to say that this is undeniably true. After the first few weeks of taking ActX, I started noticing a significant difference in the density of my muscles. Since then it has been non-stop. One great example is my chest/arms day. By the end of my workout, I don't even have to flex to get a solid muscle.

Strength Gains: 8/10 - I did notice some good strength gains while on Act X. I did reach a couple of PR's (Bench, Dead, Squat) they weren't monsterous gains. I attribute part of this to the fact that I've been concentrating more on strict form in many of my lifts. I was throwing weight around before, but I wasn't working the muscles I wanted to. Now I am pushing up more weight with better form.

Test Boosting: 8/10 - Though I didn't have any blood work done, I could tell that there was a boost in test. I had a noticeable increase in aggression after the first few weeks as well a mild increase in acne...both signs of increased test.

Additional Benefits: No Rating - I definitely noticed the "Divanyll pumps" some others have reported. I also noticed that as I've been gaining weight (about a pound a week average), I've retained a lot more definition than I was expecting to.

Undesired Side-Effects: 10/10 - No gyno. MINOR increase in acne. Yep. That covers it.

Overall: 9/10 - Definitely a product I'm going to use again. Next time I'll probably try a 6 week cycle at 2 pillsx3/day so that it doesn't take quite as long to reap the benefits and I can see a slightly higher boost in test. - Wade H. - Lincoln, NE