methyl 1test 20mg

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  1. methyl 1test 20mg

    background: took t1pro for one month with hardly any gains cept some strength. 1ad so far was what i gained best on. i decided to hold back my post cycle for 2 weeks and do methyl 1t and get some results.

    taking: multi vitamin, creatine, flax seed oil, and methyl 1t. i have some liver stuff on the way, till then i'll just deal with it...

    day 1: nadda

    day 2: minor lethargy, decent pump finally (like starting 1ad

    day 3: lethargy big time, took 2 naps, 191lbs and 5'10", weights (lifting, not body weight) up slightly

    day 4: leghargy not as bad but still 1 nap, 191lbs still. pump was INSANE. never felt anything like this, HAD to stretch. also flipped on someone so i'm a bit irratable. did 2 more reps on just about everything. walked around like i have a barrel under each arm cause my lats won't go down, insane pumps, i repeat!

    i eat the best i can for a college student, if its only pasta i do the salad, cottage cheese, and sandwich with no mayo. best i can do being a student. i do 3 protein shakes a day inbetween. 1ad got me great gains and this stuff is 1ad x 3 from what i've seen so far. i did take 6 pills a day while on 1ad. i'll be doing 2 weeks of nolva after these 2 weeks, i could do 4. what do you guys think? then i'm going into another m1t cycle. i want to do the 2 on and 2 off for say 2 months and see what my gains are.


  2. You may not even need the nolva for only being on 2 weeks. thats the whole point of doing the very short cycles. But its up to you. it will help.. Good luck.. TTY
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  3. i just got done with 1 mo on t1pro and went right into these 2 weeks on methyl 1t. t1pro didn't do crap for me that i noticed (4sqrts a day) cept some strength, so i think i might need some nolva after these 2 weeks huh? really its like 6 weeks

  4. You will want to take more than 2 weeks off after then... Too many cycles are screwed up because of bad post cycle planning.. TTY
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  5. so then you think

    6weeks (this cycle)
    4 week pct
    2 week meth 1t
    2 week pct
    2 week meth 1t?

  6. Im a firm believer in taking off at least as much time as you were just on. Coming from 4 weeks of t-tpro and then 2 weeks of m1t I would personally take at least 6 weeks before another m1t cycle.

  7. It's good to hear about those insane pumps bro. Hope this cycle works out better for you than the last. You know it looked to me after going over your posts that your maintenance levels may be abit low, and that could have been one of the key factors that kept you from gaining on your T1-Pro cycle. Try and fit in more meals.
    Maybe get some protein bars or something. Theyr'e not the best food source and definately should not be your only food source but given the fact that your a college student, it may help you a little. The Detour bars (30g protein) are absolutely wicked. Tastes just like a Snickers!

  8. i eat 3 meals a day on campus and 3 shakes in between. i at ethe same when on 1ad. i really don't know. i wasn't lethargic on t1pro either and my pumps weren't like they were when on 1ad. maybe i just responded different. i'm really not sure. anyway i highly recommend methyl 1t so far. its the best i've tried...i am a meso body style also and a full 6 pack is now coming out. i'm looking like the man on campus

  9. Awsome!

    I hope it's still around by the time that I'm able to get some "mulah" together for it. Sounds like most of the guinnea's seem to be responding well to it.

  10. today is day 5, woke up and 2 hours later i want a nap. i don't have a huge pump, but a slight one. doing the slightest things though and the vains surely come out. i don't know if i'm gaining weight yet, but i can see myself hardening up.

  11. how would you compare the lethargy your feeling on the M1-T compared to your T1Pro cycle? I suffered pretty dramatic letharic bouts while on the T1Pro.

  12. i suffered nothing on t1pro. on 1ad i did and this is about the same i would say. i was taknig 6 pills a day of 1ad

  13. never have taken 1AD, but if you experienced no lethargy on T1Pro, but are experiencing it with the methyl 1t god I can't imagine what it'll be like for me. Every one is different but it looks like I would be quite susceptible to major lethargy on the M1t.
    Oh well, I dealt with it before and made great gains, so I'll just find a way to do it again and keep my eye on the prize! (which will hopefully be another 15lbs)

  14. Haven't tried 1-meth, but I have taken 1-AD for 3 cycles. Minimal side effects. 1st and 3rd cycle were 4 weeks, 2nd cycle 6 weeks followed by 1 week of 6 OXO. Im not massive by any account. Prior to 1st cycle, could do 185 bench for 2 reps with help. Four weeks later, 235 for 3 unassisted. Not much increase with 6 week cycle. 3rd cycle is stacked with 4-AD to alleviate side effects (libido, etc) seems to work, results are more dramatic for me during the 2nd week of this cycle, just coming off of injury. Not sure from my readings if 1-test gives any greater results than 1-AD, other than the conversion process.

  15. okay day 5: i weight 192 so i haven't gained yet, but i'm looking much harder. my lethargy isn't as bad today (i'm taking nothing to counteract it). i have to stretch between lifts because i'm so pumped. I am getting compliments from people in the gym and they are asking what i do. my libido has not gone down either like it did on 1ad. i dn't know why the lethargy isn't as bad but it was like day 3 and 4 i was taking 1 or two naps a day. anyway, nothing but good news so far...

  16. i don't count, but i eat till i'm super full 3 times a day and 2 protein shakes of 20g protein and while i work out i have one full serving of nlarge2, 52g protein and 750 cals. i know i'm getting plenty of food. i can't count cause i eat on campus and the cooks wouldn't like me saying "how many calories are in this". sorry. on methyl 1t i'm not gaining a lot yet, but i'm losing fat and becoming MUCH harder

  17. You can go to to track your calories and what not. They have a food search option so all ya have to do is remember what you ate that day.

  18. i do 6 times a day if you count the shakes! i said i take the shakes also. has anyone done 30mg of this test? if i get the liver support i'm really thinking of upping to 30mg. only thing i'm worried about is the lethargy since i'm already tired on this. just wondering if anyone has tried 30mg. this is day 6 for me. i was going to go till day 7 on 20mg then consider 1 week of 30mg

  19. not speaking from personal experience obviously, but I definately would not recommend it 2gcorey. go check out Bobo's M1T cycle thread for example. He is the only one brave enough that Iv'e seen to try it at 30mg. (with his cow) eventually he had to quit taking it

  20. he's the only one, this 20mg is doing no bad side affects other then lethargic. so i'm tempted to up it and test it.

  21. also have seen misc. threads discussing that anything over 20mg might be overkill(waste of money). but if you think it might benefit you and your willing to test it, who am I to stop you
    Good Luck

  22. 400g or protein? you're full of it, thats more than 2g per lb for me. where do you get these "facts" w/o taking into account a persons weight? you can't make a general st atement like that w/o many other factors. i've read enough to know that much.

  23. Klaus you are full of crap when you say the grams for carbs
    protein and fats. What about their metabolism and other determining factors. You are speaking out of your pie hole on that one.

  24. Scientific research? What the crap dude. I have a PHD in physical therapy and you are telling me about research. Guidelines such as that for base calories and carbs,etc are pointlesss, and they do definately not work for everyone. Creatine doesn't work for everyone, so obviously standard protocol for nutrition doesn't work for everyone.

    If I have a 50 year old woman with a MCL tear a 20 year old with the same injury and a 16 year old male with the same, do you think that I would treat them all in the same manner? Of course not so when you go into nutrition macronutrient breakdowns there are many determining factors. Age, sex, type of activity, do I need to go on.

    No one blowed a gasket. I just called you on the irrelevant crap you were telling him. And as for research my bachelors is in Exercise science, plus five years of post grad work for my PHD, so watch who you think you are telling about research.

  25. i didn't buy it sifu, i do wish some of the mods or someone else on here would explain why i need so much more food while on methyl 1t. does it raise my metabolism? i don't expand anymore energy, in fact less since i take naps! why another g per lb then most normally recommend? its not adding up to me...waiting for bobo or someone to come in here and clear this up. wherever that punk is


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