I'm new to the board, but I've done soooo much reading that I have confused myself. So I'm hoping that someone can help me make the right choices.

A little about me? I'm 32, 5'9", 189lbs. I've done a few cycles in the past. I've done 2 cycles of Test, Deca, and D-Bol. I've also did Cyp, Bold, and Winny. The problem was I got it from someone that didn't educate me on what he was selling me. He applied it to me and we worked out together. After the cycles, he wouldn't even take Nolva. He would wait a few weeks and go again. I did Nolva, but now I know that it wasnt good enough. I never took anything for my liver or anything else. Big mistake. I dont want to make mistakes like that again. All my definition is gone. The only thing I still have is muscle memory. I can still lift pretty heavy (for me) considering I haven't been going like I should and considering Im all natural.

I'm wanting to do another cycle, but not with illegal roids. I want to try Epistane. I've read a lot about it and seems like a good choice. But I want to stack it with another PH. There are so many out there to choose from. I'm just not sure which one. I want to figure it out soon so I can get it ordered. I'm in the "sandbox" and I go home for R&R in Oct. So obviously I want to get it done before then. So in your opinion, what would stack the best with the Epi?

Methyl E

Money is not the issue. I want to buy the strongest "legal" supplements I can. And I will buy as much as I need. I will be purchasing the Epistane/Cycle Support/Post Cycle Support as well as fish oil, flax seed oil, milk thistle, maybe incarnate, ZMA, a test booster, and something for cortisol.

For cortisol I'm looking at either X-Lean or Recreate. Let me know if there is a better choice.

I see everyone recommends 6-Oxo and 6-Oxo Extreme for their Test Booster. There are so many out there. Has anyone tried the T-Bomb II for their Test Booster?

Either way, I want the strongest suppliments out there. Any help would be great. Let me know what I'm missing. And I promise to take care of my liver this time