need help with post cycle recovery

  1. need help with post cycle recovery

    Hi, i'm a first time poster on this board but i have been reading for 2 months. i'm almost done on my first 1-test/4ad cycle and i've been taking small doses, (200mg 1-test/ 200mg 4ad) a day. and have been on it for 2 weeks so far, and plan on ending when the bottle runs out. bottle has 30 days worth @ 2 pills per day. so i was wondering if i still need to use clomid/nolv or 6-oxo for PCT even with such low dosage of 1-test and 4ad. all comments appreciated. thanks guys for you're time.


  2. I would still run the 6-oxo. For the small doses you took, I don't think the big boys will be needed. Did you see any gains off of such a small dose?

  3. ya i've noticed pretty decent gains, on the small dose, i just wanted to try small doses for my frist cylce, then move on in 2 months to T-1 pro transdermal, or methyl -1-test later on. but how many bottles of 6-oxo would i need ? thanks

  4. That's understandable. With that small of doses, your natural levels shouldn't have shut down to bad. You shouldn't need more than one bottle.

    I started methyl1-test today. I have started a log if you want to keep updated on it.

    Any other questions feel free to ask.

  5. well today is the start of my PCT, i just got my 1 bottle of 6-oxo today in the mail. what dosage should i take and for how long according to my first cycle above? any help would be appricaited.


  6. Theres many thread on post cycles. But looking at your very moderate dosages - 300mg per day until the bottle runs out.
    Its always a good idea to get your post cycle supps beforehand.


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