Epistane Pulse Question

  1. Epistane Pulse Question

    Question.. epi for 5 wks then novedex for 5 wks?, or take 3-4 epi on my lift days each week, then 4 novedex on my cardio/NEPA days?

    I have 10 weeks of 24hr gym + food access without the normal family chaos and want to take best advantage of the situation and try what I've always been too hesitant, too cheap, or too scared to mess with.

    Went a little ebay crazy...$245 not counting the protein..
    2 bottles of epi clone-75
    2 bottles of novedex-60
    1 bottle of extreme PCT-90
    2 tubs of cycle support
    Size On creatine recovery drink
    Super Pump 250 NOS pre-workout
    Protein Blend--currently take upon waking, after lifting, and before bed

  2. A little search will go along ways on this forum. There are many logs of people that have pulsed Epi.
    Not sure if I understand what your asking but you could do a straight cycle of around 4 weeks of epi and then a 4 week PCT of nolva.
    The pulsing I will let you read up on and decide what is best for you. Some like to do 1 on 1 off 2 on 2 off but some spread it out more.

    looking for your products you bought. The epi clone? not sure what it was but hopefully just normal epi.

    You said you got novedex as in novadex xt? or nolvadex(tamoxifen) ?
    Start taking the CS before starting your cycle. During your cycle of course and keep taking what is left after it as tamoxifen(nolva) is somewhat hard on the liver.

    Not sure what extreme PCT your talking about?

    Size on you can take during your cycle some would suggest taking after to help keep your gains.

    Most importantly is make sure your diet is in chekc it is going to be the biggest factor in how your results turn out. Have to eat big if you want to get big!

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