hows it goin everyone,
i am a college football player. about a few months ago. had an injury that put me out of the weight room for a while. started working out hard about 3 months ago, and decided to do a stack to try and do a little catching up with the teammates. so i did my research and figured out what i thought was the best bang for my college wage buck. ended up going with super mass caps, mass fx, and 3-AD and jungle warefare. i also take other products like anabolic O.D and superpump 250. i eat a fairly clean diet and try to take in my total protein every day. i will run PCT after my cycle. also taking milk thisle. my stats are as follows:

height: 6'0
weight: 290 (i play D-line)
B/F is around 24%

max bench before starting stack: 340 1 rm
incline bench: 315 1rm
squat: 350 1rm
deadlift: 405 1 rm
push press: 240 1rm

being a heavy guy, my cardio has always been ****. so im hoping it gets better while on the stack if i bust my ass. any question, comments, or opinions are welcome. will keep threads coming weekly. untill aug. 15 when i start camp.