Sifu's Methyl 1-Test log

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  1. I don't think it hijacked it at all. Today is my carb up day, so I am taking in quite a few complex carbs myself.

  2. smike,

    you will get different opinions on what should be in your carb up drink, but for me I work out and night usually between 6-8 and I have a big ol pw shake of 16oz of grapejuice with some protein, then an hour later usually a hamburger/streak and some noodles. with all these carbs I am in bed by 1130. but yes carbs should be in your post workout drink even if you workout at night

  3. ya i figured i'd get different vantage points on the subject. it just starts to get abit confusing when one day i'll read a thread authored by say "IA" saying not to consume any carbs after 5:00 or 6:00pm, then i'll see something else later on that totally contradicts that by stating that it's a must to consume carbs postworkout no matter what the circumstance.
    i always consume a protein drink. usually w/flax oil mixed in it. i am still just not sure about those carbs (complex or not) so late in the day.
    hey "panther06" you mentioned that you take in a 16oz grapejuice drink w/protein mixed in. what does the grapejuice do for you? also the way i understood it, when portioning out protein/fats/carbs, that you can combine protein w/fats or protein w/carbs but not fats w/carbs. what's your take on that?

    so "sifu" do you feel hijacked yet?

  4. God dammit, start your own thread. You must respect my authority. Of course I am kidding.

  5. Originally posted by sifu
    God dammit, start your own thread. You must respect my authority. Of course I am kidding.
    damn sifu contrary to your own claims, i think your starting to experience some sides from that M1T bro. J/K

  6. sifu, what is the brand your taking?

  7. Damn bro this thread is old as hell. I took meso labs though.


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