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  1. Dude who are you to tell me my diet sucks? Read further. I haven't had cranberry juice for over a week and a half now. I use the blue powerade which is dextrose. Of course I am taking liver supps and prostate supps, that doesn't even need to be mentioned since everybody is on it. So my diet sucks, yet I have dropped bodyfat in the last 2 and a half weeks and put on 11 pounds, while at the same time, having the flu for half of that.

    I am in the military, and I am now over my weight limit so the bodyfat has to be kept low. I am not someone that can eat 3000 cals a day. I eat 1500 and still put on mass to easily for my taste. Call it lucky I guess. I also grow off under 150 grams of protein a day, so why take in 300.

    If you don't like my way of doing it, **** in someone elses log. Methyl is legit. I am not a young, dumb newbie. I have experiance with AAS and I know what I am doing. Otherwise the gains, body composition change and increases in strength and weight would not be what they are.

    Not everybody has the same metabolism or nutritional needs, but guess is you know it all.

  2. Geez, you gotta love it when someone's first post on a board makes a point of flaming another contributing member. How exactly do you assign negative karma to someone? I think Willaz is going to be my first victim in that regard...

  3. You know, normally I am really mild mannered. But he just set me off. So today was my day off in the gym. Wedensday will be back and cardio, maybe some shoulders. Now like I said, I know my diet it looks ****ed up. But like I said I grow on minimal protein and carbs. I don't know why, but hey at least it keeps my food cost down.

    I will weigh in on saturday, so it will be one week since I have been back on, so close to three weeks since I first started.

  4. Ok so last night I weighed myself in. So I first took it for 6 days, then I took seven days off due to the flu. I have been back on for six days. So I am up 11 pounds from the very beginning, and I am noticeably leaner, which is shocking to me. Strength is through the roof, I have no sides and I am loving this stuff. I will probably buy 500 bucks worth of it, before it gets banned. Yes it is definately that damn good.

  5. Originally posted by willlaz
    SIFU, dude what are you trying to do, cut or bulk, it sure looks like a cutting diet. Even if it is a cutting diet (I'm assuming it is) that post workout meal SUCKS. Dude you gotta have complex carbs like oatmeal, that'd be a good time to throw that in. Cranberry juice, creatine and vanilla whey just won't cut it. Bro maybe you should hold off till you learn proper diet before messing with Methyl 1-test. It's nothing to mess with. Are you gonna take any liver supps.?
    i hate to dig this reply back up again, but it relates to a question that i have. if complex carbs are good for post workout, what if your schedule only permits you to workout in the evening sometime. do you still take in the carbs post-workout or not. if not is there another alternative to postworkout meals for evening sessions?
    thanx in advance for any suggestions.
    hope i didn't hijack your thread sifu, just thought it kind've related to the current subject of your thread

  6. I don't think it hijacked it at all. Today is my carb up day, so I am taking in quite a few complex carbs myself.

  7. smike,

    you will get different opinions on what should be in your carb up drink, but for me I work out and night usually between 6-8 and I have a big ol pw shake of 16oz of grapejuice with some protein, then an hour later usually a hamburger/streak and some noodles. with all these carbs I am in bed by 1130. but yes carbs should be in your post workout drink even if you workout at night

  8. ya i figured i'd get different vantage points on the subject. it just starts to get abit confusing when one day i'll read a thread authored by say "IA" saying not to consume any carbs after 5:00 or 6:00pm, then i'll see something else later on that totally contradicts that by stating that it's a must to consume carbs postworkout no matter what the circumstance.
    i always consume a protein drink. usually w/flax oil mixed in it. i am still just not sure about those carbs (complex or not) so late in the day.
    hey "panther06" you mentioned that you take in a 16oz grapejuice drink w/protein mixed in. what does the grapejuice do for you? also the way i understood it, when portioning out protein/fats/carbs, that you can combine protein w/fats or protein w/carbs but not fats w/carbs. what's your take on that?

    so "sifu" do you feel hijacked yet?

  9. God dammit, start your own thread. You must respect my authority. Of course I am kidding.

  10. Originally posted by sifu
    God dammit, start your own thread. You must respect my authority. Of course I am kidding.
    damn sifu contrary to your own claims, i think your starting to experience some sides from that M1T bro. J/K

  11. sifu, what is the brand your taking?

  12. Damn bro this thread is old as hell. I took meso labs though.


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