LGP-1-Test today!

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    Talking LGP 1-T OHT today!

    I'm gonna give it a try at the 4ml's ed x4 weeks and tamoxifen post at 40,30,20. No irritation, absorbed fairly well smells like orange peels for a bit. Will keep y'all posed as I go!
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    Okay, so it's been bout a week now... again no redness or rash and by day two I definately noticed the drive, attitude and ambition. My workouts have been hammerin and i'm doin climbs allmost everyday now. I feel harder and i'm liking what i'm seein in the mirror so far. On day one I weighed in at 147.1 dry and again this morning at 153.8. I'm really lookin foward to the next three weeks!
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    Now I know what it feels like to be a bull big, mean and HORNY ! As of this morning 154.8 and i'm getting pretty vascular and my left quad is coming back (2nd knee surgery) So good so far...

  4. Results sound good. Are you bulking?

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    Yes, I am.
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    Well tomorrow will be four weeks on this cycle, gains have remained steady nothin too dramatic. I did up the dose to 8ml ed after the third week and I would like to give it two more weeks. Watcha guys think?


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