Another Methyl 1-Test Log

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  1. FishBonz
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    Another Methyl 1-Test Log

    I will be keeping a log of my cycle which will consist of the following:

    Methyl 1-Test: 20mg ed
    Test Prop: 125mg eod

    I will be running this cycle for 40 days. I want to see how the Methyl will stack with an aromatizing compound.

    My diet and training are both in line so I will be looking for weight increase/decrease, body composition change and strength increase. I was eating a maintenance calorie diet and I will continue to do so as I am looking to cut body fat on this cycle.

    Current stats:
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 236
    BF 13-14% approx.

    Started this cycle on Friday Oct. 3rd. Weight is up 1 lb as of this morning.

  2. Finally we get someone stack it with an aromatizing agent!

    Good luck and keep us posted!


  3. Originally posted by Chemo
    Finally we get someone stack it with an aromatizing agent!

    Good luck and keep us posted!

    Chemo your knowledge, has anyone tried running M-1-T with a solid dose (say 600-900mg/day) of 1,4?

  4. Originally posted by Method your knowledge, has anyone tried running M-1-T with a solid dose (say 600-900mg/day) of 1,4?
    Not to my knowledge...but, M-1-T has only been available for a few weeks now. As time goes I'm sure there will be abundant feedback posts to help the cause. Are you considering 1,4? Be sure to post your log...


  5. Not to hijack a thread, but I will start a log too. I am starting on wedensday. 20 a day for six weeks. I am going to ru it for cutting.

  6. 6 weeks huh? Chemo, is that the consensus? 4-6 weeks whereas 1test it's more like 3-5 weeks?

  7. Originally posted by Method your knowledge, has anyone tried running M-1-T with a solid dose (say 600-900mg/day) of 1,4?
    My intention is to stack M 1-T with 300 mg 1,4 Andro (since it is effective orally) and 4-AD oral to have an all-oral stack.
  8. FishBonz
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    Wanted to post about some things I've noticed.

    On Sunday I did shoulders and arms. After coming back from the gym I took a shower right away. While washing my hair, my forearms and biceps cramped so bad they locked and I had to forcefully pull my arms straight. Every time I lifted my arm after that it started to cramp and I had to straighten it before it fully cramped.

    Then this evening I was messing around on the floor and my hamstring started to cramp so bad I had to stand up as fast as I could before it could fully cramp. This cramping **** hurts.

    I've been taking 1000mg every day of potassium. After doing some research, I am going to switch to Magnesium to try and alleviate the muscle cramping. This was discussed at great lengths on with guys getting the same type of cramping from Tren.

    The pumps have been incredible in and out of the gym. I woke up this morning feeling like I just did a chest workout. Weight is up to 238.7 and looking leaner.

    Thatís all for now.

  9. Sounds good Fishbonz, hopefully the mag will help with cramping. When I used 1-test I had cramping to a lesser degree. It's especially annoying when one has to play other sports and cramping becomes an issue.

  10. Hey fish, sounds like you're getting positive results. Maybe when the test kicks in it'll help with the cramping. I've been following some of these M1T threads and gains sound impressive. I'm looking to try it when I get some funds. I read about the potassium, some say it helps. Wondering if anything else will help with the cramping. Maybe a lower dose?

    By the way, are you taking any liver protectors (milk thistle) or blood pressure regulators (hawthorn berry) ?

  11. i have had similar cramping, tho was not on anything at the time, in my inner leg. i could not move....and hurt like hell. i've taken magnesium and calcium in combination and that did the trick. now when i do legs, i make sure i take some. good luck bro...cramps really suck..
  12. FishBonz
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    Here is what I am currently taking:

    Methyl 1-Test: 20mg ed
    Test Prop: 125mg eod
    Hawthorn Berry - 2 caps, 3 times per day (3300mg)
    CLA - 6000mg per day spread out with meals
    Potassium - 3 caps 3 times per day (approx 1000mg)
    ALA - 2 caps 3 times per day (1500mg)
    Cranberry Extract - 3 caps 2 times per day
    Pantothenic Acid - (9g per day) really helps with acne
    B12 - 1000mg daily injections
    Beverly Ultra 40 - 16 tabs per day
    Beverly Mass Aminos - 16 tabs per day

    Will be adding some magnesium to help combat the cramping.

  13. sounds good man. I'm doing a very similar cycle, but i havent tossed in the prop yet. I'll get a log going too. Good luck
  14. FishBonz
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    Cycle update:

    Today is day 10. I've reduced calories by 500 for better cutting. I know it's winter but I just had to do it since the M-1-T came available.

    Weight is only up 4 lbs, BUT, body composition is changing drastically. I am getting noticeably leaner everywhere. Strength is going up with each workout. I am becoming vascular in places I have never seen veins before.

    This is the first time that I have run Prop and this stuff kicks ass. I've been using B12 when injecting the Prop and it has been almost pain free. Libido is through the roof and it is warding off lethargy very well. I wake up in the morning and every muscle feels fully pumped. I train at 5:00am and I usually don't have the same strength I do with afternoon workouts. But since this cycle started, I am feeling very strong in the gym, even at 5am. I've even had a few of the regulars come up and make comments on the amount of weight I'm doing and that I'm looking leaner and bigger.

    Till next time.

  15. First, congrats on your successful cycle so far.

    Second, whoever made that prop for you must be a skilled master at making injectable preps or it would not be pain free

    Third, how are the concensus reported cramps for you? Most report them but your cycle is different since it has an aromatizing agent stacked. My theory is that the extremely lean gains are at least partially to blame for the tell us if your prop is helping any.

  16. FishBonz
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    Sorry about the delay in posting.

    Today is day 25. Weight is up 9 lbs and getting leaner also. I'm not keeping track of bodyfat but it is definitely lower.

    I had some back cramping issues early on but they soon dissipated. I believe it has something to do with the Prop and the aromatizing of the compound. I used some letro for about a week to combat some bloating and noticed the cramping started up again. After stopping the letro, no more cramps. Possibly the estrogen had something to do with stopping the lower back pains.

    Strength gains are incredible. All lifts are up substantially and bench is up 30lbs on working sets.

    If all goes well, I plan to run this out another 15 days (or however much longer my Prop lasts).

    That's all for now.

  17. Are you by any change predisposed to hairloss and how is your hair holding up? I think you're the first one who managed to run m-1-t longer than 2 weeks.

  18. I am running it longer than two weeks, but I shave my head, so that doesn't help. Anyways my sides are non existent

  19. I'm on day 16 of my cycle... I plan on stopping once I get my nolva

  20. why

  21. I ordered my nolva, and don't want to come off till I have it to bring up my levels again. The only sides I have are the dull pain or ache in my lower back. The only times it really bothers me are when I do deads or squats.

  22. No I mean why are you stopping already?

  23. Oh. I don't want to have a huge shut down. I think it will be better to run two, 2 week cycles with a week between. And then take a month off and repeat.

  24. Oh, I see where you are coming from.
  25. FishBonz
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    Sifu & Frofran

    Can you guys take your discussion to another thread and leave this one to focus on this cycle.




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