Cycle #2

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  1. Cycle #2

    Hey bros, started second cycle today, here's some info on it, gonna keep a log here like last cycle.

    Starting Weight 190.5 lbs this evening at gym.
    Starting Bf 15%

    Cycle Plan
    Week 1-12
    Test Enanthate 500mg/week
    Equipoise 400mg/week
    Deca 300/week
    Week 1-4
    Transdermal Bold Base 80mg applied twice a day 160mg/day
    Transdermal Test Base 80mg applied twice a day 160mg/day
    Prop 150mg eod or Trans Bold/Test (Haven't decided yet)

    All injects were homebrewed with 5% BA and 15% BB and are painless.

    I'm using the test base/bold base for a number of reasons, one being so that i have a reason to give my parents when i blow the fuk up They're aware that i've done ph's so i'm just passing it off as that
    Secondly, i wanna compare this to test and eq that i used last cycle injectable. I calculated approx 1120mg a week applied which with a 35% absorbtion will be equal to 390mg absorbed per week which is equal to more than 500mg of enanthate a week of actual test absorbed due to the esterweight of enanthate (500mg enanthate is actually only 338mg of test absorbed)

    Tonight i injected 3cc's in quad today, 300mg Eq/250 Enanthate/250mg Deca aswell as applied 8 squirts of my homebrew transdermal which was equal to 160mg of both test/bold. I'll start applying 4ml twice a day tomorrow. Injects will be done on mondays and thursdays. I'll get some before pics up sometime this week.
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  2. Sounds really nice KC. Ill be following your progress throughout. Good luck man

  3. Go big or go home eh!!!! heheeh TTY
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  4. Originally posted by curt2go
    Go big or go home eh!!!! heheeh TTY
    Hell yeah

    Here's some pics of cycle stash :

  5. More of a close up, Tall bottle in background is transdermal with 4.5g of test base and 4.5g of bold base in it.

  6. Thats a pretty ass picture. And I think you forgot the one laying on its side next to the box.


  7. Very nice.

    All the best bro!


  8. good luck on your cycle.

  9. nicely done. good luck on your up and coming cycle!

  10. Originally posted by curt2go
    Go big or go home eh!!!! heheeh TTY
    Sounds like someone else we know! *cough* Curt *Cough*

    Good luck KC!

  11. u huge yet?

  12. haha, nope, give me a week will ya

  13. Good luck KC, keep us posted.

  14. Front Double Bicep Picture

  15. Back Double Bicep

  16. Oops, how did this pic get in here

  17. Dammmmmm,
    And I thought pete had issues. Not only are you as bald as a babies ass but you wear womens clothing too.

  18. Originally posted by db682
    And I thought pete had issues. Not only are you as bald as a babies ass but you wear womens clothing too.
    Hey, i've started to sprout some chest hair over the last couple months, give me a little credit will ya

  19. Right on, keep it up KC! Can't wait to see the after pics aswell!

    Hey, what's your workout routine like on this cycle? Much different than your usual?

  20. Actually, i'm starting a new routine this week, i'll post it once i've gone through it this week, started at a brand new gym so i gotta get used to there hammer strength stuff.

  21. Heh, your a funny guy KC, but if you shave your chest, like some say your arms, you could even sport tube tops to the gym!!

    Btw, i still don't know what hammer strength machines are, don't laugh, we PA people are deprived a bit than most.

    P.S. You should use that pic as a warning sign for newbs that don't have their post cycle ancillaries before they start their cycle.....

  22. Hammer strength machines are like bodybuilders Natilus machines. There actually very nice pieces of equipment.

    KC you are a sexy bitch. Wanna buy some slightly used panties or bras. I had a tendency before I got married to always find chicks clothes wedged under my bed or in between the head board and wall. I bet you have the same problem except with mens clothing instead.


  23. LMAO haha, Hammer strength are seriously great machines, i've only used them for like a week but fell in love, i used to always go to gym with a partner to have a great workout now i can go by myself, the machines are idiot proof, impossible to have bad form, and i've never hurt like this before after workouts...

  24. BTW, i had a UG company i've been talking to for a while offer to send me some gear for second half of cycle so i can compare some results. I'll post some pics of the stuff once it comes next week, company is called QGL and based out of the US.

  25. Nice looking gear..... I'll be back up to 200 soon enough.. Bulking seaon here I come... TTY
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