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  1. Update, day9, weight up 6 lbs (196.5 this afternoon). Running femara at 1.25mg a day so i don't know how much of it is water. Haven't noticed any strength increases as of yet but my appetite is definately increased and getting the road map style veins on my chest/shoulders that i got last time on eq.

    Also, my injections are absolutely painless, 5%ba and 15%bb is the way to go when making eq/deca/enanth, last cycle i had some pain next day but this time around i don't even really feel anything the next day.

  2. Sounds great KC. Best of luck.

    I am a big fan of Hammer Strength myself. As far as machines go they are the best that I have used.

  3. Keep it up KC. Hey bro just curious if uu have run femara before? In my upcoming cycle I will probably run it like u 1.25mg/day. Think that is plenty enough to keep bloat and gyno away? I'm afraid of getting gyno again. I had it a few years back from some reg. andro and ended up having surgery. The thing I don't know is if it can come back or not. So I'm just treating it as if it could. Also I will run 20 mg nolva/day. If anyone can help, thanx bros.

    BTW Hammer Strength Machines are the ****

  4. Some gear arrived in the mail

  5. Here's the back of them

  6. Gonna run this starting week 7 or so, to compare against my homebrew, i suspect it should be around the same, but i'll know if it's underdosed aswell. I've heard nothing but good things about these guys, but i'll be sure to post if i feel anything different, whether good or bad.

  7. As for my cycle, i hit 200 lbs this afternoon. Pumps are insane to say the least. I'm gettin sick of drawing from all three bottles so i'm gonna mix up a big bottle with all three injects together and maybe post some more how to's for it

    Using bicep injections every second week, as i just like them hehe.

  8. I think Ive seen a few of those QGL bottles


  9. Can't imagine where

  10. nice pics man

  11. Well, today i'm sitting at 203 or so, not much weight gain as of late, i only got back in the gym a couple days ago after a two week lay off when i went away for a week and the week leading up to my trip aswell. Enan/Eq/Deca are in full swing now, my balls said goodbye a week and a half ago, last cycle without deca they didn't seem to go away very long.

    My strength is not hugely increasing but slow and steady, My buddy who's one of those conceited pricks , told me i'm looking huge and that's the first time he's ever complemented me in his life so i can't complain. Forgot to bring my femara while i was away, i grew like 4 chins in my pics from my trip, but i've dropped the water since i've been back. Total gain so far is only 13 lbs, i was up like 27 last cycle at this point but i think i will start ripping it up now that i'm back on track.

    Also, i read up on using t3 while bulking and a bro said he had the best cycle of his life, so i started taking 25mcg per day, definately has me more "regular" as everytime i seem to get on gear i only dump like once every day/ day and a half for whatever reason.

  12. T3 is a useful agent when bulking.

  13. Well, i've been a useless tit to say the least, Christmas/"Work"/Personal ****/Fukin Flu have had me completely off track the last month, not eating aswell as i should have or getting in the gym more then 2-3 times a week, this is my first update in a friggin month.. This cycle hasn't gone nearly as good as i'd have hoped, but what can ya do.......

    Think i'm in week 11, weight still between 201-203, I've dropped the enan/deca/eq and started the following on Dec. 14

    Test Prop 150mg EOD
    Anavar at 100mg ED Ow, Ow ( "IF" this was BTG or some other pharm grade stuff, You'd have to assume i'd be driving a escalade sitting on 24's )
    Proviron 50mg ED

    Plan to run this 5-6 weeks, hopefully hit 210, i'm back on track now gym at eating wise, getting atleast 9 scoops of protein in a day plus atleast 3 meals with protein a day aswell, Cals at between 4000-5000. I'll be sure to post pics nearing the end of cycle.

  14. Why 100mg of anavar? You can make solid gains off of only 50mg of anavar especially at your weight.

  15. Well, all good things need to come to a end, sitting at 202 tonight and did my last shot of prop yesterday, nowhere as heavy as i expected to be, but wasn't the greatest cycle for me the first 10 weeks. Starting postcycle tomorrow. Last 6 weeks i ran prop at 150mg eod aswell as var/proviron for the weeks 11/12 but dropped it as it was giving me stomach pains as i was on too much var i think (100mg). Here's some updated pics:

  16. Back/biceps

  17. Pitiful pose lol

  18. My freakin bis/chest just won't grow like i wish they would, i work them hardest of everything but........ Gonna start cutting 8-10 weeks down the road, for now just creatine and postcycle supps.

  19. You look like you are holding a layer of water.
    Changes are evident, especially you lower back and stomach.

    How many weeks straight were you on for?

  20. Definately looking good. I would think that you are possibly overtraining your bis, if they are not growing. Even when on cycle you can still tend to over train such a small muscle. You have pretty big shoulders, which could be taking too much of the load from your chest when doing heavy sets. Try pre-exhasting your chest with some flys before you do your benching, or run a fly/bench super set. It worked ok for me.


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