Cycle #2

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  1. Back/biceps

  2. Pitiful pose lol

  3. My freakin bis/chest just won't grow like i wish they would, i work them hardest of everything but........ Gonna start cutting 8-10 weeks down the road, for now just creatine and postcycle supps.

  4. You look like you are holding a layer of water.
    Changes are evident, especially you lower back and stomach.

    How many weeks straight were you on for?

  5. Definately looking good. I would think that you are possibly overtraining your bis, if they are not growing. Even when on cycle you can still tend to over train such a small muscle. You have pretty big shoulders, which could be taking too much of the load from your chest when doing heavy sets. Try pre-exhasting your chest with some flys before you do your benching, or run a fly/bench super set. It worked ok for me.


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