1st time keeping a log

  1. 1st time keeping a log

    Ok well since bdc's transdermal prohormones/1-test came out ive done 3... 1-test/4-ad cycles.. the first cycle went pretty well kept about 8 pounds in a 4 week cycle.. well the other 2 i gained almost nothing.. anyway ive read some people dont respond well to 1-test and do to others like nordiol and vise versa.. so this time i thought id try something a little differnt i havent bought all the stuff yet cause id like some feedback before i start..  oh and right now my stats 22 years old 5'10 155lbs id say bf is around 15%(but i dont know maybe lower.. im not a very big guy heh)well anyway this will be a bulk cycle..  i was going to try this out

    5g oh-test, 10g nordiol in a bottle of t-gel... then i was thinking either another bottle with 10g of 1,4 andro/ 5g of 4-ad.. or just 1,4andro orally at 400mg a day.. i have novla for post.. maybe some 6-oxo for the hell of it..  let me know any coments... if not ill just start keeping a log once i get the stuff

  2. forgot to mention it would be a 6 weeks cycle dosing at 1 1/2 squits 2x a day for each bottle

  3. think im going to change it..  after seeing people getting results from methly1test i think ill add that and drop the 1,4 andro and 4ad.. so my new stack would be 5g oh test with 10g nordiol with 20mg ed of methyl and run it for 6 weeks.. with no 4-ad i may have some libido problems but i can deal with it... well on the 1st ill have the money to get the stuff and will post when i start..

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