help with lean bulk cycle

  1. help with lean bulk cycle

    I want to do a lean bulk cycle but dont know what i should use. I have a small amount of gyno and do not want to make it any worse. I have done a couple of cycles before and i am prone to getting gyno and bloating. I already have some letrozole and nolvadex on hand. I also have atleast 80 50mg D-bol on hand but dont want to use them because I am pretty sure thats what caused the gyno in the first place.

  2. u want to do an injectable cycle?...or designer steroid cycle?

    p.s. if ur considering it, DONT run a dbol only cycle

  3. Dbol is one of the worst options for a lean bulk cycle.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. I was not ever going to do a d-bol only cycle. I really dont even want to do d-bol at all. injectables are fine.

  5. Test E 500mg/week for 10-12 weeks, u can use dbol for 4 weeks as a kickstart...but it WILL add water weight (which will subside once ur off)

  6. test/eq or test/tren...with win or var at the end would be a good lean bulk


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