Tren/ TestEvol/ 11-OXO stack

  1. Tren/ TestEvol/ 11-OXO stack

    I'm 28 days into the Tren and TestEvol stack that I started to cut BF%. I added the 11 OXO at night 1 days ago. Having major libido problems since the beginning and now my nipples are getting puffy and sore (gyno??). I was going to continue this for 8 weeks but I am reluctant due to the sides I'm experiencing. I need some advice. Should I add or delete something from the supplements. I was thinking of taking out the TestEvol, not sure it is doing anything anyways and adding 6-OXO. This is my first attempt at a PH cycle.

    Tren 75mg
    TestEvol per manufacturers
    11- OXO 225 mg

    14% BF

  2. are u talking about in tren ethanate or acetate? or trenadrol the PH?...if its tren ethanate or NEED inj. test, that is why your libido is way down...also i would save the 11 oxo for PCT for the cortisol rebound

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