Methyl-1-test Log

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  1. Methyl-1-test Log

    STARTING stats, 5 foot 9, 207lbs, 13-14% bf
    Workout: 1 day on 1 day off
    *Test Prop: 50mg EOD
    Post Cycle: Clomid+Nolvadex
    Anti-E's: Right when I start up my Test Prop, I have some extra Nolvadex+Proviron to use.

    *I am only adding this if libido is down or lethargy sets in. Neither of those have happend yet.
    This first Methyl-1-test 6 weeker will be a cut.

    After a 6-8 week break (from androgens), if all things go well with this cut. I'll be doing another 6 week methyl-1-test cycle, but it'll be a lean mass bulk. I will up carbs/cals, but keep it pretty clean.

    So hopefully this will be an exciting 20 week log!!! 6 week cut, 8 weeks without androgens, then 6 week lean mass bulk.
    A little background on me... I just got done with a 1.5 year bulk (18 months). During that time I did a powerlifting style of training, A lot of squats, deadlifts, flat bench and all variations of pullups.

    Started my 18 month bulker @ 5 foot 9, 159 lbs and about 5-6% bf. Ended 18 months later at 207lbs 13-14% bf.

    So my 18month bulker has ended, with me going from a competition ready 159lbs, to a semi-lean powerlifter like 207lbs. Good results, barely any androgens used during that time. (okay there were some... )

    While on methyl-1-test I will be cutting and switching to a bodybuilding routine.

    My goal is to drop to 195lbs, and get to 5-6% bf @ 5 foot 9. I want to be competition ready again.

    I don't know how realistic my goal is. It took me 18 months to add around 35lbs of muscle (with androgens) and 15lbs of fat. So now I'm looking at 3 months to drop about 15 lbs of fat and add about 5 lbs of muscle (using androgens).

    I've heard of wackier things... maybe I'll extend my cut/lean mass bulk from 3 months to 4-5.

    Total, I've been training about 4 years seriously, and 2 years before that retardedly. So about 6 years.
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  2. About me

    Day 1
    I took 20mg 45 minutes before working out

    Did legs this morning before going to work

    5 sets of squats, each set increasing weight, and going to failure

    Felt fantastic, I wanted to keep going all day, but I had to goto work.

    No lethargy yet (it's 4:40pm where I am)

    I'm 75% sure my awesome morning leg workout can be attributed to PLACEBO! Since it shouldn't kick in this fast...

    Hitting Calves later tonight, around 7pm.

    Skipped calves to play in a local No Limit Texas Hold Em' (poker) tournament.

    It's 12:33 midnight, no lethargy yet. I workout EOD, Tue Thur Sat Mon Wed Fri Sun REPEAT

    So tomorrow is my day off, but I'll still report back if there's any lethargy.
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  3. Keep it up Tom you are the only one reporting on how it works so far. You are the guinea pig and everyone is watching to see how it goes.

  4. I use to own a guinea pig as a child. They are nice to just kick back with. Although, they **** A LOT... and I never saw it sleep once in the 6-7 years I owned it, lol.
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  5. Day 2-Offday

    Had some insomnia+5 hours of sleep last night. Not good. Is it a result of methyl-1-test? .............................. .......

    Heh, no (had you going huh?). I am using San Tight on workout days, 2x a day. Am/Mid day.

    The first tab of San Tight, was only in my system for about 7 hours before the effect wore off. So I figure, hey I might as well take another one. Big mistake. That thing kept me up forever. Second tab stayed in my system for a good 10 hours. 10 freaking hours.

    I am not taking any Tight on my offdays, only on workout days. So if there's any lethargy from the methyl-1-test I can more appropriately give feedback today, compared to yesterday (offday compared to workout day).

    EDIT: It's 7pm now. Today was an off day. Also no thermogenics used today. No lethargy yet. I did have what seems to be an elevated heart rate, and increased body temp. Slight shortness of breath.

    Could this be the early signs of methyl-1-test? I am not sure. I am going through a diet change from bulking, to maintenance, to cutting. Also changing workout styles from powerlifting, to bodybuilding.

    That could explain some things.

    11pm update, heart rate still sped up, body temp still up, breathing still awkward. Increase in sweating since 7pm.

    I am hoping I am just having an odd reaction to yesterdays double dose of San's Tight. But like I mentioned... I didn't take any today, I take it EOD. Maybe the effects are just lingering around.
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  6. Dang Craps Happening so soon? Im ordering Tonite. Gonna Stack w/ Some 4 AD, (Liquid From Biotest) What are your Current Dosages?

  7. Like I said, I don't know if my sides are related to yesterdays double dose of San's Tight, or the beginning signs of methyl-1-test.

    This is the first time I have ever used Tight, and I have been off thermals for 18 months (since I was bulking). So it may be possible that my heart is just a little stressed out.

    Taking 20mg once a day in the AM, everyday.

    Main reason I don't think my irregular fast heart rate, sweat or short breath is from methyl-1-test is because...

    I have only been on it for 2 full days, these are typical signs of thermal use, and I haven't had lethargy yet.

    But then again, I don't know how fast acting this compound is.

  8. Are you taking anything Else (PH's)

    DO you think that The 4 Ad would be A good Idea?

    Also my Dosages will be one When I Wake Up and One 12 Hrs Later. 10 mg Each.

  9. Wildman536, I definitely advise you to have some form of fast acting test ready. You'll need it if your libido crashes or lethargy sets in.

    But I wouldn't use it right away. What if the compound isn't all it's cracked up to be?

    ... that's why I say "fast acting"

    But, if the compound IS all it's cracked up to be. Then you'll be glad you have a fast countermeasure against libido crash/lethargy ready to go.

  10. Thanks for Breaking It Down!! You see the Only reason im not on AS is Because of Availability.

    I have Experience W/ PH's and Understand the Licido Crash (Not Fun) But I was Just Wondering if The 4AD Would Combat That In any Way.

    So you Think that The methyl-1-test Alone 20 Mgs a Day would Be Fine?

    I too also like to just Use One Supp to Recignize The Benefits.

    Thanks again.

  11. 4-ad should be fine if your using transdermal delivery. I am also cheap, but availability isn't a problem for me.

    Start with 10mg twice a day, or 20mg once a day. OR, if you want to be really conservative, 10mg once a day.

    There's really no way to tell what will be an effective dose. For all I know it could be 2.5mg a day or 60mg a day.

  12. Do you think ill see Results W/ 10 Mgs a Day?

  13. There is no way for me to know the answer of that question.

    I told you, the daily effective dose could be anywhere from 2.5mg to 60mg. For all I know it might not even be an active compound. 10mg once a day is wishful thinking, it's highly possibly, but it's wishful thinking. Start from there if you want, but increase if you need it.

  14. Yeah ill go With 10 At Breakfast (PreWorkout) and 10 12 Hrs Later.

    Thanks Again.

  15. Please keep me updated, I want to know if the product is a good as every one seems to think. Do you think your going to see results better than lets say 10g t-1 and 5g 4ad? You probly don't know yet but, what do you think?

  16. Originally posted by Molehonea
    Please keep me updated, I want to know if the product is a good as every one seems to think. Do you think your going to see results better than lets say 10g t-1 and 5g 4ad? You probly don't know yet but, what do you think?
    What i did was Ordered Avant Labs 4-Aderm to Stack W/ It and am going to use 6 Squirts Along W/ The 20 Mgs a Day.

    Ill Keep ya Updated!!

  17. VERY nice, 4-derm is one of my all time favorite 4-ad transdermals. It is very fast acting, and works very well even by itself!

    Day 3 UPDATE

    Woke up this morning feeling very full everywhere. But mostly in the traps and neck. Heart is still beating like a race horse, body temp still up. No lethargy or libido loss yet. Other positive news... yesterday my triceps were freakin' sore but today, nothing at all

    Slept in a little bit, so didn't get a morning workout in before leaving for work. I will be doing my morning workout mid-day instead. I'll report back on how it goes after I've done it.

  18. Molehonea, I respect the fact that you are eager to learn about PH's. But you've already asked the same question on a different thread and got many responses.

  19. Tom m kinda Concerned about The Heart Thing. Why do you Think Its Happening?

  20. Originally posted by TheTom
    Taking 20mg once a day in the AM, everyday.
    I am curious (not criticizing). Why did you decide to take everything in the morning? I would suspect that you would want to divide the dosage by about 12 hours, taking one cap in the morning and the other in the evening to keep the levels more stable during the day.

  21. That is What I have Planned. (Spliting It Up)

  22. Hey wildman, I wouldn't be too concerned. There's a million different pathways in the human body, and the hormones could be interacting in an unsuspected way.

    Maybe my t-3 levels are raised, causing my heart to beat faster and me to sweat more. Which would be a good thing for me since I am cutting ... I still don't know about the shortness of breath.

    Let me put it this way, none of the sides are anywhere near intolerable, they are just starting to show up. Very mild infact, but more than noticeable. This doesn't mean they won't go beyond the mild stage eventually.

    Positives: Muscle groups that were soar yesterday, are now about 50% less soar overnight. Felt full in the morning, which is awkward since I am cutting and you are typically glycogen/water depleted upon awakening. For me, *sweating+increased heart rate+increased body temp is a good thing, because I am cutting.

    Negatives: Shortness of breath, *sweating+increased heart rate+increased body temp may be a bad thing if you are bulking.

    *could be positive or negative

    This is just by MID-DAY 3 that I've noticed these things. Also, I have to push my Mid-day workout to evening (damnit) because I gotta head out for a few hours. There's no way in hell I am missing my workout today though, I workout EOD no matter what! hehe, so expect another update.

  23. 20mg once a day is enough to start with, like I said I will increase if needed.

    If the half-life is 12 hours, I will still have 25% of the hormone in my bloodstream at around the 18 hour mark.

    I suspect the half-life is even longer than 12 hours, as I am still feeling the sweating+body temp+heart rate even upon awakening the next morning.

    You can divide your dosages if you want, but from what I've noticed so far, it's not necessary.

  24. Cool. Ill probally take Them both at Breakfast then.

    I Train Using HIT so Should I Alter my Program (Maybe add a Little Volume?) to Spice Things Up or Stay Constant With The HIT?

  25. Okay guys, turns out I only had to step out for about 20 mins. So as of right now I'm drinking my post w/o shake

    Wildman: Train in the way that is best for you


    Trained Upper back, Lats, Shoulders, Front/Side Delts and Traps!

    The pump was FANTASTIC, the strength was FANTASTIC!

    Downside? The endurance was terrible, my heart was RACING throughout the entire workout. Extremely sweaty right now! I'm sure all my supersets+San Tight didn't help keep my heart at a normal pace... LOL.

    Basically Supersets+ my preworkout San Tight can help attribute to the bad endurance, my heart was just being overworked.


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