Methyl-1-test Log

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  1. Careful bro!! Sounds Like you are Liking The Stuff!!! Cant Wait until i get Mine!!

  2. Okay guys, I severly edited this thread so it looks cleaner. You can also follow it once a week instead of every day now. Check out the first post, you will notice it is a compilation of 3-4 posts.

  3. Sounds like Tren. Increased BP, sweats, strength. In other words, a strong androgen.
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  4. Originally posted by TheTom
    20mg once a day is enough to start with, like I said I will increase if needed.

    If the half-life is 12 hours, I will still have 25% of the hormone in my bloodstream at around the 18 hour mark.

    I suspect the half-life is even longer than 12 hours, as I am still feeling the sweating+body temp+heart rate even upon awakening the next morning.

    You can divide your dosages if you want, but from what I've noticed so far, it's not necessary.
    I doubt its longer than 12 hours. Probably between 6-12 but nobody knows. Orals tend to have a lower half-life. Winny is the longest at around 9 hours.

    I've taken D-bol all at once and divided. I saw no difference and its half-life is 4.5-5 hours.
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  5. Bobo, I totally side with you there. People have been single dosing orals since the 70's with great results.


    it's about 10:15pm

    The thermal I took at 1:30pm is definitely out of my system for a couple hours now. BUT, still got super increased heart rate, mild sweats and now it slightly stings to breathe.

    I suspect methyl-1-test will be the ultimate cutting steroid, which makes me very happy I chose to cut

    Still no signs of lethargy or libido loss... but that's not to be expected for about another week.

    My pump from my afternoon workout is still lingering around. Also, the soreness from my hardcore leg workout on Saturday, is WAY less than it normally would be right now.

  6. Great Updates!! Cant Wait until I get Mine!!

  7. it's 1am and some important information.

    Thinking about dropping San's Tight.

    I had insomnia on Monday and only slept 5 hours. No insomnia on Tuesday, fell asleep easy and got 8.5 hours of sleep. Wednesday night, I have insomnia right now.

    Also, the breathing problems were worse on Monday+Wednesday than on Tuesday.

    I THINK SAN'S TIGHT IS A GREAT PRODUCT! I'm not trying to bash it. I just think that Methyl-1-test and San's Tight have a lot of the same properties.

    They both cause sweating, they both increase body temp, they both increase heart rate, and they both can make breathing awkward.

    So what I'm getting is double the thermogenic effect that I need.

    As of right now I am NOT dropping the San's Tight. Tomorrow is my offday from working out and thermogenics.

    If my breathing is easier AND I have no insomnia tomorrow, THEN I will drop Tight.

    If my breathing problems and insomnia remain, I will drop to 10mg of Methyl-1-test a day, instead of 20mg. I might just be taking too much.

  8. I just have to say that I'm awfully impressed with your detailed cycle log. Great work!

  9. Great job, sorry for asking the stupid question.

  10. Great job with the cycle log. Very impressive results so far.The daily updates are cool, no need to "make it neat" heh.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
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  11. I agree with ManBeast! Great job! I like the daily updates that are a mess.

  12. Just Keep Em Coming!!

  13. LOL, damn you guys. I'm trying my hardest to keep it clean.

    Day 4

    It's 1pm, no lethargy/libido loss yet. Thank god it's an off day though, because theres a dull pain in my left bicep. I was in too much of a hurry to workout yesterday and forgot to do warmups. I think that's got something to do with it.

    No thermogenics are being used today. I still have increased body temp, sweating, and increased heart rate. But, breathing doesn't sting anymore. I'm almost 100% positive that's the fault of stacking San Tight/w Methyl-1-test. Since they both are highly theromogenic.

    If I don't have any insomnia tonight, then I will be dropping San Tight. You can see my reason in last night's 1 am update, hehe.

  14. Tom, are you taking 20mg on off days too?

  15. Yea, 20mg everyday.

    Also forgot to mention, I'm starting to notice some incredible recovery. I had what I thought was a really hardcore leg day on Saturday, and I should be fumbling around like an idiot right now. You know that squatters walk. But there's only a residual soreness, that's not very noticeable, at all.

    Also, gotta point out... peppered smoked salmon rocks on a cut.

    Ahhh, the dull pain in my left bicep is getting progressively worse. I might take tomorrow off also if it doesn't feel better, since tomorrow is my chest/bis/forearms day.

    I've been training bodybuilding style now for 1 full week. Prior to this, I was training powerlifting style for a Year and a Half. Strictly Flat Bench/Squat/Deadlifts, occasional secondary exercises Pullups/Standing Barbell Press/Bent Over Barbell Row... 30-45 minute workouts.

    So my body isn't use to all these isolation movements+super sets+ 1 to 1.5 hour workouts.

    If I get any more minor injuries I'll just switch back to my old powerlifting routine. I never got any weird pains while doing that.
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  16. Whats your Routines Look Like?

  17. "So my body isn't use to all these isolation movements+super sets+ 1 to 1.5 hour workouts."

  18. I've done my first carb up like 2 hours ago, after 3 days of low carbing. It was a pretty big one, and I'm almost 100% sure none of it spilled over into fat. I'm looking very thick/pumped after my carb up, I'm positive it all went towards muscle glycogen. Atleast I hope

    After 3 days of low carbing, today was my first carb up day. After my second carb up meal, breathing problems WENT AWAY COMPLETELY.

    I don't know the science behind such things, but I have heard that lack of glucose can effect the immune system. Which can explain the stinging during deep breaths, and irregular breathing patterns

    So my advice for others using methyl-1-test. Don't cut carbs too low, EVEN if you are cutting. Try to maintain atleast 75g a day. I was only eating 5-10g of carbs on off days and 55-60g of carbs on workout days. Was not enough I now realize and I will be correcting this accordingly.
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  19. DAY 5 ... KIND OF
    Okay guys, good news. I fell asleep right away last night, so Methyl-1-test wasn't causing the insomnia, San's Tight was. So I'm discontinuing usage of San's Tight until I've finished this cycle.

    It's 5 am right now, I've been up for 1 hour with some breathing problems. It seems that carbohydrates will temporarily curb the breathing problems, but it won't help during the night.

    So I've decided to cut back to 10mgs per day.

    This is a tough decision because... well at 20mgs per day the thermogenic effect feels FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! Sweat+increased body temp+increased heart rate, keeps the fat off while bulking, burns the fat off while cutting.

    BUT, a mans gotta work. So hopefully 10mgs per day will not wake me up in the middle of the night with painful breathing.

    ----We all react differently to different compounds, some of you might not get the same breathing problems I am having @20mg ED. I might just be one of the misfortunate ones. But I feel it is my duty to inform you guys on everything, just so you can make educated choices----

  20. Originally posted by TheTom

    ----We all react differently to different compounds, some of you might not get the same breathing problems I am having @20mg ED. I might just be one of the misfortunate ones. But I feel it is my duty to inform you guys on everything, just so you can make educated choices----
    Right on bro. Everyone does react different. BTW great job on keeping us informed. I would have to say this is probably the best detailed cycle log ever. Keep it up bro. Good luck with the breathing.

  21. I agree with Saggy, awesome job with the logs! I personally don't like editing previous logs though, because most of us won't be reading them over and over again....

    Also, I think that you have upped your carbs, so does that mean that you will up the dose to 20 mg again? I'm not sure if you decided to drop it to 10 before or after upping your carbs. Thanks!

  22. Sorry about all the editing, I keep thinking that I can salvage this thread from looking horribly sloppy. Heh... but I'll just let it go.

    I eventually fell back asleep at about 5:30am, woke up at like 8am. Luckily I work for my pops, so it wasn't a big deal.

    Also, as you all know yesterday was a carb up day for me (and it felt like heaven). Woke up the next morning feeling and looking very full/thick. Noticeably leaner since day 1, which is to be expected though, since I'm cutting.

    I am skipping my workout today to let my left bicep heal, it feels at about 85% right now, where as yesterday it felt like tapioca pudding...

    Well I took 10mg today, instead of 20... here's what I've noticed.

    The thermogenic effect is definitely lessened... I still have noticeably increased heart rate, but the increased body temp+sweating is not even close to the level it was at yesterday.

    Also, taking deep breaths still stings, but not nearly as much as before. I think I can live with 10mg a day.

    Hell, I WISH I could be taking 40mg a day, considering how potent this stuff works as a thermogenic+muscle nutrient partitioning agent. But that would probably send me to the hospital.

    I forgot to mention I took my first dose of methyl-1-test at 3pm today. Because I had to get out the door and get my ass to work. And my first update was at 4:30...

    Now it's 6pm and I gotta say...

    Heart rate+sweating+body temp is still comparable to 20mg a day. It just took longer to kick in, plus, breathing problems have worsened. I'm just gonna grit it out for awhile, maybe I'll go see a doc if it doesn't go away.
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  23. Do you think that if you were taking in more carbs (100+), would you up the dosage back to 20mg, or is the sweating & heart rate too much even with the higher carbs?

  24. Hey Frofan, sweating+incr heart rate, is not a problem for me.

    I LIKE IT, because I am cutting.

    The problem is that it hurts when I take a deep breath. That's why I cut it back from 20mg to 10mg.

    But I also said that this breathing problem is probably unique to me... which I hate.

    I have talked to 2 other methyl-1-test users, one is running it at 20mg a day, and the other is running it at 30mg a day.

    None of them have had breathing problems. Which sucks for me but is good for them.

    The one who is taking 30mg a day has been having lower back pain though.

  25. Any chance you are just ill and it has nothing to do with the methyl?


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