Mdrol Cycle... Need Advice Please

  1. Mdrol Cycle... Need Advice Please

    can i have your guys thoughts and advice on this?? i plan on doing an mdrol cylce... it looks like this
    days 1-10= 10 mgs
    days 11-16= 20 mgs
    days 16-21= 30 mgs
    i also plan on taking 2 scoops of cycle support daily
    I have liquid nolva (mine is 20mg/ml)
    I plan on doing 1.75ml/1.75ml/1.25ml-- which is
    week 1= 35 mgs of nolva, trib ( not sure which brand)
    week 2= 35 mgs, trib
    week 3= 25 mgs, trib

    I would appreciate any adivice or recommendations. Should i conitnue to use cycle support throughout PCT?? and any recs on what product of trib works best for increasing libido?

  2. Any reason you're running M-drol at 30mg for the 3rd week? Have you run it before?

    Personally I wouldn't run CS during pct, preload and during cycle IMO. Milk thistle during PCT for the nolva should be fine.

  3. Umm I'd run Diesel Test Hardcore. def a great natty test booster to add in during PCT!

  4. no i have not run m-drol b4... do you suggest i just stay at 20 mgs at max?.... and yah i have ehard good thigns about diesel test hardcore... ive also ehard good things about NOW, and optimum brands

  5. i ran 20mgs for 3 weeks and it seemed to be the sweet spot. see how you do on 20mgs.



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