Jacks Methyl V-test, 3-AD, 17HD cycle

  1. Jacks Methyl V-test, 3-AD, 17HD cycle

    im new here, but not new to lifting. ive done hours of reading here in the forums and learned quite a lot from you guys. this site is awesome! ok...enough ass kissing.

    4-13 i started a cycle with methyl v-test. started taking two caps a day. i was getting frustrated from not seeing any strength or mass gains...so i started taking 4 caps a day. 10 days in i started 3-AD at 6 caps a day. today im going to start 17HD, 1 cap pre workout. basically it breaks down like this. methyl v-test and 3AD taken throughout the day.

    day 1-30 methyl v-test 220mg

    day 10-25 3AD 6 caps

    day 13-28 17HD 1 cap

    day 13-43 Novedex xt 2 caps at bedtime (cos i dont want boobies)

    for pct...

    AX advanced pct, restore, 6-oxo extreme. will have clomid and nolva on hand as well. i havent come up with dosages as of yet for these. but i will post when i do. i will also start back on creatine, and arginine.

    my diet has been a mix of good and bad, but im usually taking in about 3000-4000 cals a day and about 2 grams of protein per my body weight.

    my cycle started slow and about day 10 is when i started seeing strength gains. as of today im up to 163 lbs @7%bf. i started out at 160 lbs @7%bf . the scale i have measures body weight, water % and body fat %...not to sure how accurate the % are.

    i started out working out 6 days a week, but now im limiting myself to EOD (which is extremely hard to do when jacked up). i think EOD will help with the mass and strength gains. i usually work out 1-1.5 hours, no cardio EVER (cept for the horrizontal mambo with my gal) my work outs are usually as follows.

    day off
    day off
    day off
    olympic type workout (snatch/clean n jerk, power cleans, front squat, push press, dead lift shrugs, abs)

    i also do grip strength training while at work 2-3x per week (ssshhh dont tell my boss). C.O.C #2, 5 sets of 8-10 reps. red expand your hands bands 4 sets of 30 reps. wrist roller 3 sets up down up down. #2 static holds. and a few others that i dont have names for. ive been doing grip training about a year now. i had a #1 C.O.C. gripper when i started and couldnt close it...now i can fully close the #2, but only for a couple reps. some dude told me he saw a guy on tv explode full soda cans in his hands, cant say i dont have goals haha.

    im not going to log daily workouts or diet, but heres a few stats from before my cycle. not one rep maxs, as i usually dont push for one rep max...usually try for two reps.

    bb bench 205 x 2 reps

    squat 245 x 2

    front squat 135 x 8

    seated military press 135 x 2 ( yeah thats all the way down to chest )

    snatch 135 x 2

    weighted dips 90 x 3

    i will keep posting as the days progress. hoping for some decent mass and strength gains. for my next cycle after 6-8 weeks off, i was thinking of taking 1AD and 4AD for 30 days, with a 2-3 week cycle of trenbolone acteate EOD...pending availability of HCG. any thoughts on TA stacked with PH or my current cycle would be great. time for the gym......

  2. Dont think I like the 17HD....felt faint and nausous after deadlifts today. Still had great lifts tho. After some research post buying (yeah, stupid I know, but name sounded so good...halo methyl dianadrone) I realize this product isnt a PH. Its not even synthetic, derived from herbs. It definitely had a stimulant effect tho. I wont be using this crap anymore.

  3. good luck

  4. Thanks. Got about a week left on my cycle. No sides yet. Ive had some decent strength gains. Still weighing in at about 163-164. Not to impressed with the weight gain. Im going to try to up my calorie intake for the last week. Had some lower back strain from standing arnold presses. Hopefully its only muscular. Havent squatted since, just been killing my quads on the various leg press machines. Will update soon.

  5. Damn so yur philosophy is -the recomended dosage is ok but a **** load more is always better. Id love to see the bloodwork from this one.



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