WATCH ME GROW....or die trying

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  1. WATCH ME GROW....or die trying

    Hey guys, just prepping the thread and getting all my pictures and stats organized... The actual cycle will start Monday april 21st.

    I will be including pics of the supplements, caloric intake and ratio of protein/carbs/fat (updated daily), measurements.

    What else do you guys want to see?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by gibbob2 View Post
    What else do you guys want to see?


  3. I can do that. Big and round? or small and perky?
  4. The bare bones of the cycle are as follows

    trn-x, hemadrol (only 20 servings) and on cycle 2 hardcore.

    On top of that e-form will be taken to attempt at preventing the horrible horrible gyno from occuring.
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  5. you gyno prone?

    maybe we will see boobs in this thread. hehe.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    you gyno prone?

    maybe we will see boobs in this thread. hehe.

    edit: btw sub
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  7. post cycle therapy

    Post cycle therapy is going to be primordial forces line up. This will also be teamed with Nolvadex xt by gaspari * (for fun and ease of typing, I will simply call that product NOLVA ) I wont be posting a picture of that one.
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  8. Never had gyno, nor do I ever want to. I Will be takign all the percautions possible to prevent this. BUt who knows, you guys might get lucky and see some man boobs.

  9. Looks like you got a solid cycle/post cycle lined up. good luck
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  10. Thanks metroba. I have done a few before. but this time I figured I'd go all out. The final goal is to be 100% done the cycle and pct by the end of june ( for an early july trip home )

    The only thing I am waiting for is my cycle support by anabolic extreme. As soon as that arrives.. the fun begins.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by gibbob2 View Post
    Thanks metroba. I have done a few before. but this time I figured I'd go all out. The final goal is to be 100% done the cycle and pct by the end of june ( for an early july trip home )

    The only thing I am waiting for is my cycle support by anabolic extreme. As soon as that arrives.. the fun begins.
    You mean Anabolic Innovations. Look forward to this.
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  12. yessir I do.. just further proof that I 'haven't received it yet. lol
  13. PIcs PIcs PIcs

    My biggest pet peeeeeve by far is looking at these logs and seeing all these stats and numbers... (no pics) I don't believe it unless I "see" it.

    The best way to see progress is through looking in the mirror. I figured the least I could do is show you guys what I look like today... Precycle
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  14. lookin good gib.
    great starting point for a cycle!

  15. Lookin lean brother!
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  16. Good luck!

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  17. What're your dosages going to look like? What is trn-x? Is it a methoxy-trn clone?

  18. On cycle 2 hardcore :I taken in the morning
    Tnr-x: Taken 1 in the morning, one at mid-day lunch, and one in the evening
    HEmadrol: will start 5 days in at 1 in the morning, and will stop at 5 days before post cycle.
    Jungle warfare: Taken at the same time as the 3 trn-x's


    I didn't really answer your question, the trn-x is estra-4,9-diene-3, 17-dione 30mg

  19. Day 1
    201 lbs

    Workout: Great workout, obviously no drastic changes yet in strength. Chest day

    Libido: Still here and still working. It's always been relatively high.

    Food: Calorie consumption for the day will total between 5800 and 6000kcal. My ratio's will always be posted in the order of protein carbs fat. For today that is 40/37/22

    Other Supplements: I always take my CLA in the morning, vitamin c morning and night, calcium and b6 mid-day. I am waiting for my order of cycle support to arrive, hopefully today (it will be tossed in to the mix). And my glutamine is taken pre-post workout with my shake (I am ashamed to say it's from walmart, bodyfortress)

    The stack:

    I took 1 trn-x, 1 jungle warfare, 1 on cycle 2 hardcore first thing in the morning. Pre-workout.

    I sprayed e-form (burns my ****ing eyes!) on chest after workout (post-shower) 5 squirts. No redness or tingling experienced.

    At noon I will take a jungle warfare and trn-x

    At supper I will also take a jungle warfare and trn-x

    Pre-bed I will spray e-form again. I am not sure this will be a nightly occurence due to the smell and the fact that I don't shower before I hit the sack. I will try my best to apply twice a day, and will let you know if I cheat.

    Narrative: Aside from what I have already mentionned I don;t have much to say. I am eager to get my order from nutraplanet as it not only has my cycle support, but I am almost out of protein as well. My measurements will be posted asap, either tonight or tommorow morning, I just have to find a tape measure.

    Things you might need to know: I wake up extremely sarcastic... if I offend you, stay off the log please. I will update monday-friday, and do my best to check on the weekends, however you wont get a full narrative like today (that will be filled in on the following day)

    WHy I am doing this: Why not! I would eventually like to get my hands on some supplements and test them for different companys, but I have to PROVE my LOGGING abilities first.

  20. Day 2
    199.6 lbs(time to up the calories)

    It was back day and I had a really hard time feeling anything when I went heavy in the 8-12 rep range... It was pretty frustrating. I decided to drop the weight and half way through and upped the reps to around 18-20. I had a great pump but left with a kink in my neck.

    Libido: Not a damn thing changed... Still being releived daily.

    Other supplements: Same as yesterday, cla morning, vitamin c morn and night. Calcium and b6 midday. I just yesterday realised that my order from NP was on hold.. (the order I was charged for and placed a week ago) I was pretty upset as I was the one who contacted them asking for it. Regardless the cycle support will be coming by thursday from and I also bought some CMI BIG. Until then I will be takign uniliver 2*3 a day.

    THe stack: MOrning I took 1 on cycle 2 hardcore with trn-x and jungle warfare.

    10:30 I sprayed 5 quirts of e-form all over my chest

    noonish I took trn-x and jungle warfare

    6ish I will take 1 trn-x and jungle warfare again

    10:30 at night I apply 4 squirts of eform of the inner thigh.

    Food: I donlt work tonight so I will be able to get my calorie sonsumption closer to 7200kcal at 43/35/22. I will be damn suprised if I lose weight again (and pretty pissed too!)

    I will update tommorow. and I am still loooking for the measuring tape.... (I am just really lazy in all honesty)

  21. notice anything at all from the eform other than burning eyes?

  22. Honestly no, I haven;t noticed anything from the eform. My chest got a little warm, and whne I applied to my thighs it turned red (I assumed from rubbing it in)

    I am kinda placing it under the category of "I would only notice anything if I was not using it." And thats fine by me

  23. Day 3
    202.6 lbs

    workout: BI-s and tri's today, awesome pump! Gotta love it

    libido: Nothing changed up or down, and still same size and function

    other supplemets:

    morning = cla, vitamin c, scoop of cycle support (finally arrived, and honestly, why give somehting like that a flavor? does it really taste like peanutbutter to you guys?).
    noon = b6 and calcium
    pre-bed = CMI BIG (woot woot, I love this stuff, knocks me out cold!) vitamin c, scoop of cycle support

    the stack:
    morning = trn-x, on cycle 2 hardcore, jungle warfare
    10:30 = 5 sprays of e-form on chest
    noonish = trn-x and jungle warfare
    night (10:30) = 4 sprays on thigh of e-form

    food: I work tonight so I will be restricted to 6000 kcal at 40/35/25

    measurements: all measurements are taken soft (not flexed or pumped)
    Biceps = 16"
    forearms = 13"
    belt line (around the hips) = 36"
    thigh = 24 1/4"
    ankle = 15 3/4"
    chest (just above the nipple line) = 43 1/2"
    upper torso around shoulders = 50"

    I am hoping to hit 17" on the biceps, anything more would be spectacular.

  24. do you add anything to big or just drink it while holding your nose?

  25. why? you dont like the taste of fulvic acid!!

    lol, my pre bed shake is horrible, i mix 2 scoops of whey with big, cycle support and some milk. I get it down it 3 seconds flat, and chase with a bottle of water then polish my k9's and tongue right away.

  26. big seems to work but tastes like a combination of sawdust and ass. I'm not sure why they label it fruit punch

  27. oh I got grape this time!! woot woot

    THey do have them in pill form now aswell. not to sure how they will work but I was going to give them a shot after this tub is empty

  28. Day 4

    Workout: It will be a leg day however I haven't hit up the gym yet.. I plan on going around 6pm (home in time for grey's anatomy [no I am not gay]) This is also why I didn't post my weight, by the time I get to the gym I will have eaten a couple pounds of food and still have it inside me. I would prefer to keep it the same in order to not SKEW my results. I usually step on the scale in my shorts before my workout at around 8 in the morning, and that is what I will do tommorow. Until then, I plan to squat till I drop!!

    Libido: Very High, and very annoying, especially at work! but I guess I should not be complaining if it still works.

    other supplements:
    Morning: cla, vitamin c
    10:30: E-form on chest (actually turned really red this time!)
    10:45: cycle support with shake (made it taste like bum)
    noonish: b-6, calcium
    bed : cycle support and cmi big

    the stack:
    morning: trn-x, on cycle 2 hardcore, jungle warfare
    noon: trn-x, jungle warfare
    night: trn-x, jungle warfare
    (starting tommorow I will combine the summary for other supplements and the stack, easier for me and hopefully you guys to follow)

    SLEEP: CMI knocked be out cold like true champ. I was asleep at 11, woke at 7, eat and slept till 10:30 again, I LOVE THIS STUFF. However I do plan on continuing with going to the gym in the morning, it was just a relax day. (not a off day)

    food: nothing drasticly changed, I should be able to hit 6500kcal (possibly more depending on supper) at 40/37/23.

    aside from that, hit me up with questions or comments, or just watch me blow up.

  29. Day 5
    205.6 lbs

    OMG I am freakin lazy as tits, having a hard time swalowing my chicken and rice man! i know I am growing and I feel a lot harder all over, but MAN, I am partially retarted over here! Anyway, I am gonna pop a b6 and head in to work

    workout: shoulders today, great pump... so much so that I had a hard time taking my shirt off when I was done.

    libido: still got it and still using it

    morning : trn-x, on cycle 2 hardcore, jungle warfare, cla, vitamin c
    10:30: e-form on chest, 5 squirts
    noon: b6, calcium
    1: trn-c, jungle warfare
    5: trn-x, jungle warfare
    10:30 e-form 5 squirts on legs
    10:40: cycle support and CMI BIG

    sleep: It's a beutiful thing!

    food: Eating like a mofo, and mostly clean still. 6000kcal today cause I work tongiht, 45/35/20 ratio planned.

    Kinda excited cause tommorow I am starting to incorporate the hemadrol in to the stack. should be interesting as I seem to be reacting fairly well with what I am taking so far.

  30. ur weight/ height pre cycle??


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