Havoc cycle...please critique

  1. Havoc cycle...please critique

    Ok so I am planning a 4 week Havoc cycle. It looks something like this, please be critical if needed, I am looking for constructive criticism. This will be run with AI Cycle Support

    Week 1: 10 mg day one 20 mg rest f week
    Week 2 : 20mg first 4 days, 30 mg last 4 days
    Week 3 : 30 full week
    Week 4: 30 full week

    PCT: Post cycle support by AI (2 in the am, 2 in the pm)
    Followed by 6oxo (not sure of the dosages yet)
    Nolva on hand just in case

  2. Looks pretty good

    You have all the crucial elements in there but you might want to ponder throwing in an ant-cortisol supplement and some creatine into your PCT... overall it looks good though

  3. What is a good anti-cort, and why is it needed??

  4. Quote Originally Posted by sooner999 View Post
    What is a good anti-cort, and why is it needed??

    i only heard good things about the product, so i havent tried it .. but im stackin this with novadex along w/ serm for my PCT

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