Tbol and Ephedra Cutting cycle

  1. Tbol and Ephedra Cutting cycle

    Just got my afters back from my cutting cycle, and WOW!
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  2. Before

    This is before cycle, and the one above is after.
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  3. I am extremely happy with tbol. I ran it for 5.5 weeks. 4 weeks at 40 mg, and the rest was 50 mg. If i were to do it again i might bump it up to 80mg.

  4. Damn, that's a huge change, let alone it being accomplished in 5.5 weeks! Congrats man, keep at it!

  5. thanks i appreciate it

  6. holy ****! thats a hell of a difference! nice work man.

  7. i keep pondering doing a tbol cycle, was thinking 50 for 6 weeks

  8. if i plan on doing it again im def. going to bump up the dosage. The germans used to run it at 100 mg with little side effects.

  9. How many calories were u eating under maintainence and do you think the Tbol actually helped in dropping bodyfat? and how much cardio were you doing?

    The results are like WOW! congrats! im just about to do a tbol cutting cycle with a low dose of DNP throughout if i get results half as good as yours ill be happy

  10. Well honestly, i did ZERO cardio. All diet and training. I think i def. could have gotten a ton leaner if i wouldve walked for 30 min a day. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend TBOL, but maybe bump up the dosage a little bit.

  11. I was going to do 50mg ED for 6 weeks, maybe 60mg. Seriously though great work. I'm going to run DNP with it so that will be like cardio 24/7 haha.

  12. WOW, all I can say, with no cardio.... can you say interested in t-bol now?!?!? Just a few questions if you don't mind...

    1. What kind of sides did you see when running this/during pct?

    2. Who was the manufacturer of t-bol that you got, and is it aka oral turanibol?

    3. What were the dosages you used for your ephedra?

    4. When/how did you dose the two together?

    5. What did you use as PCT?

    Thanks in advance for your reply, props for running a great cycle man, def. did good.



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