Okay, here goes

The cycle will start April 7th. Been preloading with 1000mg Milk Thistle, and 6grams fish oil per day. Cycle will go as follows:


Trena-Beginning third week of Halo

Phera-Vol-Beginning last week of Halo
15/30/30/45?Depending on gains and how I feel (feel free to critique)

23 Years old
186 avg weight 12.5-13%BF

Will do measurements one day before cycle starts

Workouts for first 2 weeks will be a 3 split mon, wed, fri

Starting 3rd week I will still have a 3 day split but will work out twice on mondays and fridays (this is due to schedule issues for my desired mon,tue,thur,fri split.

Support sups won't be much.
Nilk Thistle 1000mg ED
Hawthorn Berry 1100mg ED
Taurine (when needed for back pumps)
Sleep aid when needed
Fish oil 6g per day
Daily Multi


Nolva 40/40/20/20
Lean Xtreme
Novadex XT
Milk Thistle 1000mg ED
Hawthorn Berry 1100 ED

I don't think I left anything out. I'm not recording workout every day because this is a 7 week cycle and thats too much friggin typing for me. I will update regularly though.

1 rep max's:
Bench 245 (sucks I know)
Cleans 215
Squats was 295. Haven't done squats for a couple months though because I sprained my ankle quite a while back and I felt like I had a flare up doing squats one day a couple months ago, so I quit for a while. I'll start back up again though before I start my cycle.

I'll update if I forgot anything. Feel free to critique if you want!