2nd Bout with Usnic Acid

  1. 2nd Bout with Usnic Acid

    Going to run this in a week or so.

    Here my history so far:

    Started cutting Aug 1, by Aug 8 I started to run usnic acid for two weeks.

    I went down ALOT of weight, from August 1st to today, but I imagine much of it was glycogen so I didn't post a log then. I started at 252 and am now sitting at 230. (start date aug 1)

    This next cycle will be better to display actual fat loss since I'm past the stage of losing alot of glycogen during cutting.

    As far as my body, I actually feel fatter than when I began 20lbs ago. My fat on my stomache, pecs, and sides got all loose so its odd, instead of having that "hard" fat when bulking.

    My diet is 1900-2400 calories per day, depending on how much exercising I do. I usually start out the day with some low Gi carbs and protein, then slowly eliminate carbs and just have protein with (slightl) fat meals. For workouts I have dextrose and whey. I feel I need to keep some carbs at the beginning of the day because I get stomache aches and constipation . I feel insulin is a very anti-catabolic and anabolic hormone.

    My usnic acid I got for free (score!) from a guy who is afraid of getting cancer from it ... anyway its whosyourdaddy usnic acid so should be good stuff. I didn't really notice any excess heat from it last cycle.

    Last cycles doses were 500mg first 3 days, 750mg's to the end of week 2.

    Supplements: I basically only take my creatine after I work out, which isn't optimal but whatever I'm lazy, and I heard supplementation lowers fat break down in a study before anyway.
    Whey and dextrose too post workout, although Im nearly out of whey and probably wont buy any more.
    Drinking about 1 litre of green tea per day, which I realize I should step up a notch so I will do so.
    Other stuff is just mutli/vits/mins/msm
    Just ran out of salmon oil, I think thats the only supplement I will purchase again after I run out of.

    Goal from usnic acid: To lose a few pounds, maybe four.

    Goal of overall cutting cycle: I hope to be 215lbs ripped (after loading glycogen levels back up) by the end of november. Im unsure of my current bodyfat, I estimate 15%.

  2. Good luck with the usnic acid bro. I lost 8 pounds in the first week of my usnic acid usage, hopefully you'll have equal if not better results!

  3. Thanks. Great results!

    My dosing for this cycle will be the same as last time 500mg first three days, 750mg the rest. I may purchase some calcium pyruvate to aid in the uncoupling effect and take it with the usnic acid.

    I imagine this will be a good log since I won't be stacking any other supplements, and have already lost the glycogen typical at the beginning of cutting cycles.

    I think I will start September 4 or 5th

  4. Been on about 3-4 days now and nothing yet. I was 226-227 on one scale, (on the first or second day) gonna sign back up at the gym to use a scale.

    Im backing working out now from my deltoid injury.

    BTW havent bumped it up to 750mg per day yet. Still at 500mg ED.

  5. Good luck bro. I'm also planning to do a, well a homebrew UCP-1/Anarchy cycle soon w/WYD's UA soon as well.

  6. Not really noticing any heat of extra fat loss right now.

  7. Quit a couple days ago because I wasn't seeing anything beyond what I was getting naturally. However.. my cutting is still going good with the exception that I have picked up a nose cold.

    I am however, at 221 or so now.


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