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  1. Already 8 weeks this Friday. Wow.....
    Recently developed some pics i took over the cycle with friends and what not, and seeing myself in picutres, rather than in the mirror everyday, made me feel real good.
    Apologize for the lack of stats and strength comparison but i figure, ive been ass about keeping a good cycle log so why start now?
    Through with deca. Added the prop along with my enth to finish off the final few weeks. Dbol sucks. Prop was a nice addition for the first part of the cycle to kick start til' the enth kicked in. Body weight right up there where it should be (192-193 with workout gear on.... 190 without) Up 13-14 lbs since the start.... ill take it...looking for 5 more. Training has been changed up, lifting 3-4 days a weak (thats from the usual 5 days ive been doing for the longest time). I promise to have some pics (atleast some with clothes on) in due time. Stats coming as well. Promise.... a week? AIght, thanx for listening to my ramble yall'

  2. how about some pics for before and after cycle bro, would like to see the difference....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by good_guye28
    how about some pics for before and after cycle bro, would like to see the difference....
    yea, ive been slacking on that man. not having a digital cam, i have to get someone to take one of me.... its been 3 weeks since ive come off so ive obviously lost lot of the bloat and the little BF i put on through the cycle. Ill try to get some up after Christmas


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