cycle question

  1. cycle question

    i just started some research with 1-test cyp and had a few question. How much 4-ad would i need to go with my cycle. I have two 10ml bottles of 1-test cyp at 100mg/ml. I started out with 1 cc this morning but need to know what ratio of 4-ad to use. the only 4-ad i have is the cyclo 4-ad from 1fast400. I thought the ratio of 1-test to 4-ad was like 2 to 1. meaning for every gm of 1-test you would have two grams of 4-ad. is that correct?


  2. i think you need ATLEAST 50mg 4ad absorbed. I'd probably try to get 100mg absorbed though.

    So if using a transdermal, use about 150-200mg/day

  3. remember, when injecting, you are absorbing 100%, when using transdermal you are absorbing anywhere between 20-40% (depending on agents used and if DMSO is added to the mix).

    I know the oral 4ad is under 10%, I am not sure what the liposomal way or cyclo absorbing rates are. Less than 20% thats for sure.

  4. I thought the absorption rate for HPBCD or cyclodextrin was around 95% but i cant find it anywhere now. I have aslo emailed vpx to find out the absorption rates for their liposomal delivery system. Ill post my answer if i get a response back from vpx.

  5. possibly, i am not a cyclo fan, so i don't research on it much.

    I actually remember reading cyclo, but what i also remember is does not have a long half life at all.

    maybe 2 hours? i could be wrong, any one wanna correct me?

  6. yes, youre correct on the half life of cyclodextrins. you just have to figure out your dosage and split it up throughout the day. I did get an email back from vpx. they said the liposomal delivery allowed for abbout 99% absorption of the active ingredient. this may be worth looking at. not sure about vpx line but ive seen other companies with liposomal delivery that are probably cheaper.


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