SCORPIOS latest cycle

  1. SCORPIOS latest cycle

    So, first I'll start with the stats: 5' 9", 204lbs, 20%bf.
    chest: 46
    bi: l-16 r-15 3/4
    waist: 37.5
    quad: 24
    calf: r-15.5 l-15.5
    forearm: r-13.5 l-13.5

    On to the homebrew. This time I used 40% iso....25% ipm...10% oa...10% glycerin...10% dmso...5% d-lim. On the advice of BDC I dropped the ipm to 25% and added 5% dmso, this really seemed to make a difference. Last time I had seperation. This time it mixed just fine. I made 3 seperate bottles (240ml) 15 gr each of 1-test...4ad...1,4 andro. 1-test/1,4 mixed easy and clear. the 4ad took some work, ie: heating and shaking, but it dissolved fine. It just needs a shake before use.

    I will be dosing 2ml 2x a day of each, for me 7sprays = 1ml. So thats 250mg of each per day, which gives me a total of 750mg total ph per day. I will adjust dose according to body response if need be. This is the reason I made them seperate. If this dosing goes well, I will not change it. I was gonna go as high as 1gr of combined phs per day, but @ 750mg I almost have to cover my whole body.

    I started 8/24/03 and at the current dose I should be able to go 8wks. I will also be using whey, multi, vitC, liver tabs and flax seeds. Post cycle I have plenty of nolva on hand which I will run 40mg 1wk and 20mg 3wks. This will be a maintenance leaning towards bulking cycle. I don' count cals, but I do make sure I eat tons of protein. I'm aiming to get 2gr per lb of body weight.

    I took one week off from weight training prior to starting this cycle. I planned on doing 4wks GVT then switch to modified Max-ot for 4wks. Today was my second day of GVT and man it took every thing I had just to finish. So depending on how I feel and how much time I have to train before work I may switch sooner. I was doing Max-ot prior to this cycle, so meybe I got to used to it or the week off prior to starting have me feeling a bit tired.

    All coments and questions are welcome.
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  2. Man, I have been thinking about it a lot from reading your posts in that 1,4-diol thread in the other section....

    I think this is exactly the cycle I might want to do, so I'm very interested in your results. I REALLY like the idea of keeping them seperate. One main reason for me is that I'm a little bit scared of and skeptical of 1-test. If I start feeling like a piece of shiit, it really appeals to me to be able to change the dosing proportions in mid-cycle. I will NOT feel like a turd for six weeks just to add some muscle to my frame....NOT worth it.

    The one thing that worries me is that you say 750mg of the combined hormones in a day almost covers your whole body. I'm NOT planning to homebrew my own solution. I will either use the new t-gel or I'll spring for the Avant Labs stuff. But am I going to have to wait 30 minutes before I get dressed EVERY morning? I figured some mornings I could do the backs of my knees, some mornings the tops of my feet....I can shower, apply, eat breakfast, then get dressed. But, man, I can't be walking around slathered in crap for an hour every freakin' day for 6 weeks....again, NOT worth it.

    So would t-gel make a difference?

    Anyway, I'll be watching with interest!

  3. I'd say the gel is better than a spray when talking about how much it would cover your body. Spray definately takes up some surface area.
  4. PC1
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    With 1-test, you just have to plan on getting more sleep and taking more naps if and when you can. Sleep is a funny thing, it's at the same time, the easiest and most difficult thing to get more of

    Consider using caffeine and even Ephedra to overcome the inertia/lethargy that will follow. It really sucks that 1-test has this side effect, because otherwise it's really great stuff. One of the things I used to enjoy about AS was just the overall feeling of well being that came from running on rocket fuel. 1-test is just the opposite in that respect. While no-burn 1-test is a fine accomplishment for PA, it would really be something if he could come up with a no-drag-ass version as well

    Good luck, I like the idea of the 3 seperate bottles, please post your results along the way.

  5. Soup, I used spray bottles. For me, 7sprays = 1ml, I'm using 2mls of each or 14sprays of each. That would equal 42sprays. It's quite a bit but I've got enough area to spread it. I could easily up the dose a couple of mls with no probs. About the drying, it's no big deal. I have a high powered floor fan I use some times and it really helps with the drying process. It doesn't really take to long to dry. I would say 5-10mins tops, put clothes on, then go. The fan really helps speed the process, but I can't use it all the time (noisy).

    It's almost been a week, but I'll post a bit of info. I know it's only been days, but since I started I've noticed a few things. (1) My appetite is off the charts. I'm just always hungry and eating tons of food. I know it's a side of 1,4 andro, but didn't think it kicked in that quick. (2) I feel more lazy all the time, like I just can't get going. Again a side of 1-test, but think it's to soon for it to start kicking in. (3) I'm always thirsty, Ive almost doubled my water intake. So who really knows, I'll keep posting as I go to keep those interested informed. Libido has been really it usually is, but at least once a day, LOL! I'm weighing myself as soon as I get up and as of today I was 207.5 lbs, so thats 3.5lbs since Sun. I'll update as I go and if there are any changes. If there are any questions, I'll answer them as best I can. Later.

  6. Damn those 1-test sides!

    Gee whiz...3.5 pounds in a week! Sounds cool. I'll definitely be following your progress!

  7. Where you at, SCORPIO? How's the cycle? Any sides? Keeping your dosage the same so far, or have you made adjustments?

  8. What's up soup? It's going very well. Haven't changed the doses at all. Still at 2ml of each 2x day. So today is 2wks and I'm up to 210.5lbs. So I gained another 3lbs this week, not bad. As for the sides: increased libido, a bit more lazy than usual (take more naps), wife noticed that the boys were a bit smaller than usual and have noticed a few extra hairs in my hands when applying gel....not to many though. If I do increase doses, I think it will be either the 4ad or the 1,4 andro. Not to sure yet, depending on how the rest of the cycle turns out. At my current doses I should be able to go 8wks, but if I increase I'll have to whip up some more homebrew to make 8. I've gotten NO irritation at all in any of the areas of application.

    Appetite has leveled off, but still constant. It's hard trying to get 2gr of protein per lb of body weight. I know I'm not quite getting it, but coming pretty close. I'm pretty much eating whatever comes my way as long as I get my protein.

    Also wanted to mention that I only did GVT for the first week and felt overtrained. So I switched to a modified version of Max-ot, using some of Doggcraps techniques. So training is going well. I'm up on a few lifts and using (1) rest pause high intensity set. All other sets are warm ups. A bit hard to describe but it seems to be working.

    If there are any other questions, let me know.

  9. Awesome work so far bro, keep up the hard work! With the way 1-test works I'd expect you might have to up the dose around week 4.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  10. Originally posted by ManBeast
    Awesome work so far bro, keep up the hard work! With the way 1-test works I'd expect you might have to up the dose around week 4.

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

  11. Another update. I have some good and bad news. First the bad.... Libido was strong up until last week (wk3) I started noticing my soldier would still salute but not at full attention. So half way through wk3 I upped the 4ad to 3ml. Yesterday it really got me, when my soldier would not salute (at all) very frustrating, but I should have known I would get some type of side effect. The culprit I beleive was the 1,4 andro. I never had this problem with the 1-test/ 4ad combo. So for me the 1,4 andro definitely killed libido. I have trib on hand for this reason, which I started last night. I will be taking 625mg 3x day in hopes to improve libido. I will also increase 4ad dose if need be. The other part of the bad news is that last week and today (leg day) I started feeling pain/ tightness in the lower back while squatting. I still finished my set, but it got painfull towards the end so I stopped. This was @ 245lbs for 15reps. I've dove up to 305lbs before (lower reps) but with no probs. I'll try warming up/ stretching lower back before leg workout, or switch to lower weight.

    On to the good news. As of this morn I weighed 212.5lbs, so another 2.5lbs gained for week 3. Today starts wk4. So I'm upping the dose to 3ml of each 1-test/4ad/1,4 andro 2x day. Strength increases are steady, nothing extraordinary. Appetite is very good, eating lots of food (prot/carbs) per day. Looking really full/bulky in the upper body area (traps, shoulders, chest, arms). To bad I can't say the same for my lower body, but it's slowly coming along. On that note, also looking very full in the abdominal area, LOL! I usually get bloat, fat/water in the abdominal/ lower back area. So, I got the party ball look in the abdominal area (distended belly). 4ad usually dose this to me, but subsides after cycle.

    The lethargy is also pretty steady. Always feel lazy and feel like napping.... Taking naps after eating ect.... I have that " I just can't get myself going" feeling. Sometimes I use ECA to get me through, maybe 1-2 times a week.

    Another side I've noticed (sometimes) is while urinating, I'll get a pause then finish getting the rest out. Again I think the 1,4 andro is the culprit, as I hadn't encountered this with 1-test/4ad combo. I'm drinking more water. At least 1.5 gals per day. Will try to keep water intake high, which should help with this prob. Shouldn't be a prob, since I always feel thirsty. Thats all for now.

  12. Thanks for the update!

  13. Ended wk4, starting wk5. Weight has leveled off or stopped for the moment. Weighed 213.5lbs as of Sun, so only 1lb gained wk4. I did weigh myself once mid-day during the week after eating and drinking and weighed 220.5, DAMN! I thought. I ate just as much or more this past week, hopefully I'm losing body fat.

    Also wanted to add that my back felt a little better today (leg day), than before. Still had some tightness, but not pain. I tried box squats, (thanks Iron addict) which seemed to help my situation and help me concentrate on the muscle. I think I'll stick to these for a while...I could really feel the quads burn.

    As I mentioned last week I upped my dose to 3ml of each ph 2x day and will keep it at that unless I decide to change it.

    Libido was back on Wed after starting trib Sun. Don't know if it was upping my doses or starting the trib......I think it was the trib, so I'll keep on taking it to be on the safe side.

    I never really get tons of strength or massive pumps while 'on', but they do come steady. Some of the poundages and reps on some most of my lifts have gone up.

    When I run out of my current homebrews, which are getting low and still want to go 8wks. I will have to use what ever I have left, which is mostly 4ad, (15g) 1,4 andro and (5gr) 1-test. So, I will prolly go with 1 bottle (240ml) 10gr 4ad....5gr 1-test and 1 bottle 15gr 1,4 andro to wrap it all up. When I get to this point, I'll post dosages.

  14. End wk5 start wk6. Well, I didn't weigh myself this morning, but Sat morning I still weighed 213.5. So no weight gain again for week 5. Upper body seems to look better.....looking really thick. Again I'm hoping that no gain in weight will translate into a drop of bodyfat. Abdominal area still looking distended.....I know some is bloat/fat, courtesy of 4ad. According to measurements I've gained an inch on arms and quads so far.

    Ran into a few problems with my spray bottles, luckily I had extra. One went out a while back, which I replaced. Then I had another go out. I had a little of both 4ad and 1-test, so I combined them and kept doses the same. I did make another batch of 1,4 andro 240ml (same dose, may inrease). I think this will last through wk6 if doses are kept the same. I think I will keep it here because 9ml 2x day is alot to spread! I may make one more batch of 10gr 4ad and 5gr 1-test when I run out of those.

    Strength increases have been coming steady, usually adding 5lbs to most lifts per week. Libido has been really good, so I'll keep dosing the trib. I do notice that at times my body gets really hot....don't know if it's the androgens or the trib or a combo of both. My temp is normal when I've checked it. The first week is when I noticed the most nad shrinkage, I think it was the fast acting 1,4 andro. Nads have shrunk, but not as bad as other times. Energy levels have been ok, lethargy is not getting me to bad.

  15. You've gained about 10 pounds, but you've put an inch on quads and bis? That's excellent. I'd say you've probably dropped some bf for sure.

  16. End wk6 start wk7. Weighed myself Sat. Still weigh 213.5, once again no weight increase for wk6. I do look leaner/ more vascular overall, except the abdominal area. Can see more veins in the calves and quads look better too. My whole upper body looks better/ bigger.

    Yesterday I ran out of 1-test and 4ad. As mentioned earlier in the thread, I had already made another batch of 1,4 ad. I decided I am going to run 1,4ad ONLY the last 2wks of my cycle, so I can really be able to give some feedback on using it transdermally. Today I applied 6ml, so I'll be dosing that 2x day. So far I've noticed appetite is up today compared to before. I hope it helps me lean out and harden up a bit more these last 2wks. I'll keep you guys updated on this.

    Workouts have been going very well. Almost always increasing poundages. I'm loving box squats (thanks IA!). Pumps are really good and arms look swole! Wish I could get some pics up. Libido is good so I'm keeping the trib dose constant.

    Eating lots of food. Wife is starting to complain (since she does most of the cooking), LOL! Not eating very clean, just as much protein as I can get my hands on and the rest is carbs and fats. Also drinking lots of water, 1.5 to 2gals a day.

  17. Another small update. As of this morning I weighed 215lbs, so from Sat to today I gained 1.5lbs. Had chest and tri workout today, had an awsome pump. Seems I've been getting really good pumps and feeling real strong and swole the past couple of weeks. It also seems that the urination problems I was encountering have completly subsided. Again like the libido problem, I think it was mixing 1-test and 1,4 andro that caused it. With 1,4ad only now everything seems fine. I beleive mixing the two are very suppressive on libido and more likely to effect the prostate and nad shrinkage.....for me anyway.

  18. End wk 7. I have enough 1,4ad to last maybe another day or two, so my cycle will be ending soon. Today I weighed in at 214.5, so thats 10.5lb gain. Not bad, I think the 1,4ad really made a difference on this cycle. My arms and legs definitely look thicker. I'll take measurements when I'm done, to compare before and after stats. I have plenty of nolva on hand, which I'll be using @ 40mg for 1wk, then 20mg for 3wks.

  19. My cycle ended Wed. 15th. I'll post new stats here:

    chest: 46............................ ...... 47 1/4
    bi: l-16 r-15 3/4..................r-16 1/4 l-16 1/2
    waist: 37.5.......................... ...........38
    quad: 24............................ .............25
    calf: r-15.5 l-15.5.......................... ..15 3/4
    forearm: r-13.5 l-13.5......................13 3/4

    I gained about 10lbs on this cycle, which was not to bad. I did want to gain more, but I guess I don't respond as well as others even at high doses. I have to say I really liked the gains I made off this cycle. they seemed to be leaner. I really think the 1,4 andro made the difference. I ended up looking a bit more vascular. Would I use 1,4 ad again? Yes, I think it works well transdermally. My strength increases weren't huge, but steady. I had a workout today (legs) and was still able to increase the weight. I also think using DC and IA's training principles also made a difference. 8wks trans gets a bit tiresome, but I made it.

    I will keeps my cals high, lower volume on workouts and switch to training 3 days a week....legs/push/pull. I started nolva at 40mg a day Thurs, a day after last application. I am taking 20mg morn......20mg evening. Is it ok to take it this way or is it better to take all at once????

    Now I think I will take 8wks off or more, maybe till after new year. If it's still around and if I have the $$$ I want to try M1T alone or along with OH test. The gains people are making off of M1T sound like what I'm looking for. Thanks to all the bros who've helped me come this far.
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  20. good job

  21. Awesome job, and good luck with your future cycles, I'd pick the M1T up as soon as possible though.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  22. Thanks for the input guys. I'm holding steady at 209.5lbs and about to finish PCT this week (nolva only). I'm doing something I've never done before 'cardio'......30mins 2x week.....keeping cals high, working out 3 x wk using DC & IA methods. Seems to be going well. I plan on trying M1T early Jan, maybe with 4ad or OH test.....if not I'll do M1T alone.

    MB, you have some type of insight on how long this stuff will be around? I keep hearing the 'buy it now' statements and hearing that maybe by early 2004 some of this 'ban' **** might go through. It's just hard for me because I'm the sole provider for my family and $$$ is always tight.


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