new to cycles and need some help

  1. Question new to cycles and need some help

    hows it goin... i just ordered mass tabs earliar today and was wondering what else i would need to or if theres anything to take after the cycle.. i bought it a few years ago and the guy told me i need to take something afterwards to block estrogen but i never did... i just wanna make sure i do this the best way i can.. thanks

  2. Search PCT on this forum!!!! Educate [B]Yourself[B] before you take these. After you've researched pct if you have questions feel free to ask. This will save all of us on the boards alot of time explaining the basics. Do not start a cycle of these until you have pct and all your ancillaries ready! Btw if those tabs are a "few" years old you might not want to take them (Check the Expiration Date). I'm not trying to be a hard @ss but if you take 10 minutes you can learn everything you need to know. Good Luck

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