Cycle Support Question

  1. Cycle Support Question

    what is the best doses to take of this during and after an epistane cycle? It is pretty expensive is there any cheaper method?

  2. I think best bet is to buy 2 containers, and take it as full dose 2 weeks before cycle and thru 4 weeks of cycle, then at half dose for the 4 weeks of pct.

    Its really not expensive for all that is in it. someone bulked priced it all out, and it was more expensive to buy it all yourself. It covers liver protection, prostate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and i'm sure i'm forgetting some.

    Theres a coupon code for 5% off it here at nutraplanet in my signature, if that helps.

  3. if you do a search on the ingrediets that CS has and the cost of getting them stand alone you see the saving you get from it

  4. Would this work: 1 scoop 2x a day all the way through cycle and then 1 scoop a day post cycle? or should i put more

  5. thats 1 1/2 containers, so you use 2 weeks pre-cycle as a loading phase at 1 scoop 2x a day

    I'm assuming a 4 week cycle.

  6. Umm, yeah, what he said...thanks for doing my job...I hope you don't expect me to do the same in return, lol...actually, I don't a whole lot about you guys...not sure how that has happened though
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  7. people wonder why I have top post count we really do have a great range of products. Not great in number, but really well tuned products.

  8. So wait let me get this straight 1 scoop 2x a day for 2 weeks then start my 4 week cycle of epistane then during pct I would take 1 scoop 1x a day?

  9. If I had the $$$ I would just start taking one scoop AM and one scoop PM two weeks before cycle and continue doing so through post cycle therapy.
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  10. thats a hella lot of money

  11. Then pre-load with one scoop per day for two weeks, take two per day while ON, and then one per day during PCT.

    It's a part of the cost of a SAFE cycle. If you look at all of the ingredients in it separately it's not a bad deal.

    You could always opt for cheaper products, but you won't be covering as many bases.
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  12. So what conclusion did you come to? Maybe we can help you figure something out.
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  13. I decided to just buy 2 cycle support and go with the suggestion

  14. Do you need help with any other parts of your cycle or are you good to go?
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  15. well this is what my cycle looks like so far you think its good enough?

    Epistane cycle help

  16. Quote Originally Posted by kayce View Post
    well this is what my cycle looks like so far you think its good enough?

    Epistane cycle help

    Looks good. Next time check out POST Cycle Support (aka Stoked). Its a great fit for a Epi based PCT. Make sure to keep us updated and best of luck!


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