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    I have been researching for awhile and am getting ready to order everything for a 4-week cycle. Here is my plan for the cycle. I want someone to take a look and critique and give suggestions.

    Cycle 4wks
    CEL H-Drol 1btl @ 60caps
    2caps 25mg/day x 28 days = 56 caps
    Dymatize joint repair 1btl @ 60caps
    2caps/day x 28 days = 56 caps

    post cycle therapy 4wks
    SNS InhibitE 1 bottle @ 90caps
    SNS Reduce XT 1 bottle @ 90caps
    SNS post cycle therapy XT Stack -
    CL Blue Up 1 [email protected] 60 caps
    NOW Liver Detox 2 bottle @ 90 caps

    Do i need to be taking anything else for pre-cycle, cycle, or post-cycle? I am 22 years old and this will be my first ph cycle. I have seen postings of taking cycle support pre-cycle, cycle, and post-cycle.

  2. look at my post called .. my halodrol plan by hollidae

  3. you probably want to use some liver protection while on cycle. it says you have two bottles of liver detox but thats in your pct, not sure if one of those is for during your cycle or not but you need some while on cycle.

  4. I'm surprised that no one has suggested a SERM yet...

  5. i know clomid or nolva is a must

  6. H-drol is pretty mellow when compared to some other ph's, but a serm is always good idea (whats the point of having a great cycle only to have it screwed in the end) Even a low dose of Nolva should do it. Maybe something like this

    Wk 1: 20mg/ed
    Wk 2: 20mg/ed
    Wk 3: 10mg/ed
    Wk 4: 10mg/ed

    Its worth the money to avoid nasty consequences.

  7. What is Nolva? What is it's purpose?

  8. You might want to buy 1 more bottle of H-Drol. It takes about 3 weeks to notice results. I regret running my first 2 weeks at 50mg. I recommend bumping it up to at least 75mg and def. run longer than 4 weeks.

  9. From what i have read it says it is very important not to take more than 2 caps within a 24 hour period and also to not take more than 4 weeks as this can be harmful.


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