ucp-1 cycle

  1. ucp-1 cycle

    Today begins day one of my ucp-1 use. As of 7:15 I have just taken 250mg of milk thistle, my lovely multivitamin, and my 3 ucp-1 pills. I'll let ya'll know if I feel any sides (which I won't ), and I'll keep you updated on the results, first weigh in will be later today and then I will not weigh in until the 2 weeks are up.

    2:00 - My eyes are red and bloody....I can no longer see straight, my chest hurts and my breath is slowing down rapidly.....I'm not sure I can type any more *cough*
    Lol, haven't noticed any sweating more than normal although I did get really cold earlier. The only side I've noticed is the funny smellin urine.
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  2. Well getting ready for bed and the only thing I can say is that I gotta go to the bathroom quite a bit more often and of course the smell, but other than that I haven't noticed much. I like this, none of the problems associated with ephedrine, now I just hafta wait and see the results eh

  3. Day 4:
    Still haven't weighed in, I figure it's pointless until the final day. No sides to report. Thought it was giving me a headache, but it turned out my milk allergies still haven't gone away, so I tossed the milk and everything was better. I do get really tired when I take my last dose at night, which I absolutely love. This is some of the best sleep I've ever gotten. Excluding having to pee in the middle of the night that is Hopefully it burns fat as well as it makes me sleepy

  4. As of friday (Day 5), I had not lost a single lb. But today (Day 8), I'm lookin in the mirror and I've clearly lost fat. My thoughts on this might be due to the fact that I used to squat quite a bit of weight but have been dealing with a back injury for awhile. Recently I started squatting again, doing high reps, as low as I can go. I believe I might be quickly gaining back my leg muscle therefore throwing off my weight and making it seem as if I have lost nothing. However, I will keep watch of my weight and see how it turns out the 14th day. So far, I'm happy with the results. Somedays I wish I could feel it working like eca, but that's more of a mental thing. In the end, results are results.

  5. so what does your diet look like????

    remember you have to factor in that to help you lose weight........but keep us posted on the results, as I will probably be trying some UCP-1 soon.

  6. Diet is definitely not what I had planned bro. It's better than while i was on eca, but I'm eating cafe food at college and while they make claims of what the food has in it, I'd guesstimate that the fat intake is much higher than they say. Anyways, we'll get to see how it works with a mediocre diet The biggest worry I have right now is keeping protein intake high. Man, this sucks they used to have chicken everyday in this ****in cafe, now it's like a delicacy or some ****.

  7. Day 10 - haven't weighed in lately. Went to bed at 2am so I took my last dosage then, took my next dosage at 7am before classes. You can say I was a bit warm Cafe still sucks so I just cut carbs after 5 and cut cals a bit and upped protein at night time. Diet is definitely in better order than it was. I'm hoping for some chicken today, so cross your fingers

  8. Thanks for keeping us updated. I envy you bro. I tried UCP-1 and I broke out in a terrible rash after the first week.

    I did, however, lose 8 pounds in that first week, so I'm still happy.

  9. Got my diet in order, lowered cals, cut carbs after 5. Strength is maintaining, down 4 lbs overall. I believe the first week was a combination of crappy diet and just the fact that maybe my body didn't know how to use ua yet. Prolly be down 6-7 lbs by the end of cycle, 3-4 will prolly be the stored glycogen I lost as my arms are a bit flat and maybe 2-3 lbs of fat. Overall I give it a thumbs up just because I love being able to sleep so damn well. Hey Chemo, you should make some sleeping pills with low ua dosages

    edit: The reason I don't mention water is because I lost all my water beforehand. Plus last night I saw what my weight was with complete water loss. (exercised way too damn much, I blame the girls)

  10. Today is the final day, 5 lbs lost total. Sleep sucked, diet sucked these past few days. I missed a dosing of ucp-1 (wasn't my fault ) Anyways, I give it a thumbs up, good luck to anyone trying it. Btw, this past week my diet was around 1700 cals, so that's when I lost the most weight.


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