Im planning on doing a future cycle , this would be my 4th one . I need help putting it together so im open to any advice , my stats are , 22 years old , 240lbs , 15% BFAT.

here is what I have in stock . what could i build up with all this im planning on doing no more than like a 14 week cycle

1- 25 ml tren enanthate home made 300mg/ml (strong sh**)
2- 50 ml test enanth 250mg /ml
3- 20 tren acet. 100 mg/ml
4- 5000 mg winny tabs
5- 20 ml test prop home made 160mg/ml
6- lots of clen
7-lots of t3
8- lots of proviron
9-bout 30000iu hcg
10-50ml nolva

my goals are to gain some more size but have more of a lean look , im about 15% fat my diet is good but im not looking for blowing up just lean and put on some more muscle . what could i build up with all those compounds