Am about to start an Epi / Ripped Tab stack. I am looking to lean out, gain strength, and gain 5-10 lbs of lean muscle mass. I looked at Anabolic Innovation's post regarding the 8 week pulse cycle. I have taken prohormones before, so I am aware of the risks, but would like to minimize. I was thinking the 8 week pulse @ 20mg dose on training days with Anabolic Extreme Perfect Cycle every day, and IDS Ripped Tabs on a straight dosage for the 1st 4 weeks of the 8 week pulse. Then on non-training days take a PCT such as 6-oxo to maintain some regularity, and to assist in maximizing retention of my gains.
I would like any and all input on this plan. Is there anything else I should take during the cycle such as zinc, magnesium, ALA, or selenium?