Havoc Cycle - My First Cycle, Please Critique

  1. Havoc Cycle - My First Cycle, Please Critique

    Im starting my first cycle of Havoc. Im trying to keep it simple, since its my first one. Im 23, been lifting serioussly for about 4 years, 6'1 202lbs. Here is my cycle:

    On Cycle:
    Week 1 10mg (day 5-7 at 20mg)
    Week 2 20mg
    Week 3 30mg
    Week 4 30mg

    On Cycle Supplements:
    "Cycle Support" Start 3 days before cycle ( 2 scoops ED)
    Extend 4-6 scoops Pre / during workout
    Multivitamin ISS vitamin Pak
    Fish oil
    Glucosamine Chrondotrin
    Vasocharge (when i need a boost)

    Off Cycle
    Tamoxifene citrate ( not 100% sure on the dosing on this, any sugggestions)
    Post Cycle Support by AI (4 caps per day)
    CEE/Citrulline Malate/ArginineEE
    I have Powerfull and Alpha Drive Not sure which to take, should i take both?)

    Let me know what you would change? I may bump up to 40mg depending on how im feeling. I would like to not go that high cuz from what i hear thats when most of the sides kick in . But well see. Does it look good? Also on the During cycle supplements, any changes or suggestions? Thanks so much!

  2. anybody? How does this look?

  3. It looks well thought out to me. Subbed to see how it goes!

  4. thanks man, i appreciate it! Is there any one else who has suggestsions, or does this look good. Any feedback would help

  5. Your cycle looks very well thought out as crader said. Havoc in the 30-40mg/day range seems to be the sweet spot for most users based on overall feedback. I'd give cissus a try for joints instead of the glucosamine/chondrointin. You could also add in our RPN Gut Health. Besides the great overall immune boosting benefits it provides, it also decreases gastric distress/bloating all while providing better nutrient absorbtion in the g.i. tract while on cycle. Plus, the best part is that not only does it work very well, but it's also very cost effective. Otherwise, your on cycle supps look solid.

    As far as your pct goes, there are a few different ways you could go about it, however since this is a pct for a straight cycle and not a pulse, this is what i'd do. I would run the tamox at (40/30/20/10) and add in a test booster like the alpha drive XL you described. If you wanted to you could throw the powerfull in there also. Otherwise, overall it looks solid.

    If this was a pct for a havoc pulse cycle, i would save the tamox for if need be and use A.I.'s Post Cycle Support in its place. It's a great product designed for pulse cycle recovery with compounds like havoc.

    Good luck with the cycle and keep us updated.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve


  6. Quote Originally Posted by jamze7417 View Post
    thanks man,
    check crader's info again...

  7. oops lol. my bad! So i got my Havoc and Retain in today, just waiting on a few more things and ill be ready to go


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