Hey guys, looking for some input on a cutting cycle I've been planning.

I'm about to finish up a 3 week EC stack cutting cycle and was planning to bridge that into this:

Week 1-6: Mega-H 50/50/50/75/75/75
Week 1-6: E-Form @ 120 mg/day
Week 1-6: Mega Zol @ 100mg/day OR Week 3-6 @ 200-250mg/day (Input would be great here)

-Milk Thistle @ 500mg/day
-Potassium @ 500mg/day + outside food sources
** Should I stick RYR or Saw Palmetto here?

Cort Blocker
AN Drive or Activate

On my EC stack I've been running about 350-400 cals under maintenance and feeling good so far, plan to run the same diet in this cycle

ANY feedback is welcome!