In about 2 weeks, I'll be starting a bottle Finigenx Magnum and I was wondering if someone ever tried this combo?...Finigenx Magnum and Jungle Warfare. Is this a good combo?

If can I integrate the Jungle Warfare in my cycle in a smart way?

I will be doing the pulse method with the Fini...

Here's my plan...Three days a week (Workout Days) Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Week 1: 8,8,8ml
Week 2: 10,10,10ml
Week 3: 14,14,14ml
Week 4: 16,16,16ml
Week 5: 16,16,16ml
Week 6: 16,16,16ml

On non-workout days...
I will take 25mg of ATD and 50 mg of DHEA.

Any help will be appreciated...